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Factory trucks.

This is HRC’s team truck from the mid-eighties. Honda had two of these – one for Thorpe and one used by team coordinator Walter Fleck. I think this is probably Fleck’s.

This was at a time when the standard transport at GPs was a Mercedes 608D van, or, if you were really cool, a 613D, which was more powerful, had air brakes, was available in a wide-body version and is still, to this day, the best sounding diesel truck I have ever heard.

Honda shook things up by turning up with these camper conversions. Commonplace today, they were cool as anything back then. The conversion was by a Dutch company called Freebird, who were the originators of the Sport Home type trucks so popular today.

This was Leif Persson’s 613D van, together with his caravan, which was a popular combination. Having the caravan gave more room for the bikes and equipment, but you needed the 613D to have enough power to tow comfortably. I towed a caravan with my 508D and it was 45 miles an hour all the way. Painful!

I think this is one of the best paint jobs I have seen. Cool, yet corporate and professional.

Kawasaki had this transporter built for Kurt Nicoll. With a Renault truck as a base vehicle it was one of the largest at the time, but it wasn’t pretty.

The Honda HRC Merecdes/Freebird Team Truck Enlarge image

Leif Persson used a 613D with caravan Enlarge image

Team Kawasaki/Kurt Nicoll Renault transporter Enlarge image

My own transporter, which I used in 1989/90 Enlarge image

Not all Euro race transporters were good looking Enlarge image

And another example Enlarge image

My Mercedes 508D, in 1983 Yamaha colours Enlarge image