Photos & Musings: Golden State Series

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Californian hospitality

When we arrived at Valencia, just north of Los Angeles we were expecting a camper van, which was to be provided by Answer Products. We were due to call the camper home for the next 8 weeks. Instead, Answer owner and president Eddie Cole invited us into his house for the duration of our stay.

We were touched by Eddie's generosity. His wife Joy was expecting their first child, but both of them made us feel completely welcome. We did our best to be inconspicuous, but being four British blokes I'm not sure how successful we were. Nonetheless, Eddie's hospitality was a very kind and welcome gesture and one for which we were all really grateful.

Eddie had a sleek black BMW 7 series. We were early twenties kids and were deeply impressed by this bad boy motor. We were even more impressed when Eddie tossed us the keys and let us use it whenever we needed! Eddie was a very cool guy and I don't think I could ever thank him enough for his kindness to us!

Answer Products boss Eddie Cole Enlarge image

Our home for the duration of our Californian adventure Enlarge image

How inconspicuous can four British MX guys be? Enlarge image

Eddie's very cool 7 series Enlarge image

Even the Answer dog was tricked out Enlarge image