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Namur again

This Roddy Macleod photo deserves it's own section. Taken in about 2004 I believe, it shows the staircase section which comprises the last 20% of the track leading from the road and cafe at the bottom back up to the stadium Esplanade part.

I raced Namur many times, and always walked the track before and during the weekend, looking for lines. In all those track walks I never once appreciated just how spectacular and downright scary this section was. As riders all we ever do is look at the dirt, the bumps and the berms. I never noticed the 60 feet sheer drop over the ramparts that would be waiting for any rider losing control in a catastrophic way!

Roddy's fantastic eye for composition led him on quite a hike to get the right vantage point, but the result was a unique shot that really captures the essence of Namur.

More of Roddy's work can be found at

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