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Leif Persson

Leif Persson was a nice guy, with a good riding style. A protege of Hakan Carlqvist, I believe. Leif started out in GPs on factory Husqvarnas then signed to race factory Yamaha in 1986 alongside Carla.

In 1987, Carlqvist left Yamaha, after complaining for several seasons that the air-cooled bike was not competitive. No sooner had he left, Yamaha brought out the new, ground breaking, aluminium framed YZM500, which Persson got to ride.

Persson's team mate was due to be 1986 250 world champ Jacky Vimond. However Jacky broke his back when a bike he was astride, which was strung from the ceiling in a team presentation, fell, dumping the frenchman to the ground far below. Vimond was replaced by Yamaha privateer Kurt Ljunqvist and he and Persson raced the YZM to mixed success in 1987.

Vimond returned to racing the YZM in 1988.

Leif Persson Enlarge image

Leif Persson on the air-cooled factory Yamaha at Farleigh Castle, 1985 (Kevin Johnson photo) Enlarge image

Leif, again at Farleigh Castle, this time on the water-cooled YZM500, 1987 (Kevin Johnson photo) Enlarge image