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Saddleback Park & the Magoo double

This snapshot of the infamous Magoo Double at Saddleback Park was taken by myself during a holiday to California.

Motocross Action was the only magazine we could get about motocross. When we could find it, (which was not very often), my friends and I digested every word over and over again. Ketchup Cox, Fred Phalange, Lance Moorewood, Lovely Louella, Monty Floyd – they all became household names to us guys 6,000 miles away.

One leading US magazine editor once told me that although he was a rival, he had to admit that Jody Weisel ‘practically invented the sport’. MXA made motocross cool, and really my motocross education was down to that one magazine.

Saddleback was a place of legend, revered by MXA and immortalised in many a ‘Jody’s Box’ story. When my Dad and I went on a vacation to California we had to go and check it out. In reality it was a barren, rock hard, burnt up piece of waste desert, but it was still cool. I even raced there twice in subsequent visits.

I remember MXA telling the story of Danny Chandler first connecting two jumps together on his Maico and thereby creating the world’s first double jump. It probably wasn’t actually the first time that a rider made two jumps into one, but MXA certainly made a big deal of it.

As you can see the jump runs uphill and is actually quite a long way. Even more so for 1980 riding a twin shock Maico!

The other shots show various views of this famous track, together with some of its more famous competitors.

The Magoo double at Saddleback Park, California. Enlarge image

Saddleback Park Enlarge image

Saddleback Park Enlarge image

Saddleback Park Enlarge image

Saddleback Park Enlarge image

Saddleback Park Enlarge image

Saddleback specialist, Ron Turner Enlarge image

MXA editor, Jody Weisel Enlarge image

Jody Weisel Enlarge image