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David Thorpe in his schoolboy days

This 1977 photo of DT on a Suzuki RM125B was taken by my father at, and I am guessing here, Hope-under-Dinmore near Hereford. I started racing in the Seniors the year of this photo and David was the dominant rider in the Expert class. I believe that David was so good that he moved up a year and so in fact should have been racing alongside me in the Senior class!

It was clear even back then that DT was special. You could just tell from his style and technique that he was a future champion. He was the first rider I saw power shifting, and, as you can see in this picture, he had the one finger on the clutch technique down even then. David sold a lot of RMs!

A schoolboy DT, racing his Beamish Suzki RM125. Enlarge image