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British championship presentation, 1986

From right to left, Mervyn Anstie, myself, Kurt Nicoll, Russ Jarman, Scott Gardner.

At British championships the riders used to be presented to the fans before racing started. We'd also receive a memento of the event - perhaps a small trophy or flag.

Mervyn was a controversial character, but he was always alright with me. I think he just wanted to win really, really badly and was in the zone 24/7. Mervyn's son Max races minibikes for KTM in the US and is the brightest hope that British motocross has had for many years.

Kurt looks disinterested by the whole thing. Jarman looks to be enjoying the moment, as he always seemed to do.

Scott Gardner was a good British championship rider. He lived in Glasgow, but had a strong London accent. But his name was Scott. Confused?

I think Scott may have been one of the few British riders to jump the double at Hawkstone.

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