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Greg Hanson

This is a photo from Greg's personal collection, taken during his magnificent race win over David Thorpe at the British championship in Cornwall, 1986.

David was on a roll that year, and was heading for an unbeaten, perfect season, until Greg beat him in one race - the only time Thorpe was beaten that year. DT didn't suffer a crash or any problem. Greg just beat him fair and square.

David's inscription on the photo reads 'Greg - I couldn't have been beaten by a nicer bloke’. That is a nice gesture.

Hanson truly is a gentleman of the sport. Very stylish, and exceptionally fast, particularly in domestic races, Greg was British 125 and four stroke champion (back when four strokes were out of fashion).

Greg was also one of the first guys to qualify a four stroke in modern day GPs, putting his CCM on the start line at St Jean D'Angely, France, in the late eighties. His bike heavy and underpowered, Greg rode brilliantly against the field of two stroke 500s, and had the French crowd in a frenzy as they followed his progress around each lap.

Hanson is still racing, and contested the 2008 world veterans’ cup, where he once again had some scintillating battles with his old friend and adversary Thorpe.

Hanson stops Thorpe's clean sweep of the 1986 British championship Enlarge image