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1983 British 500cc GP, Farleigh Castle

Here are some great videos of the 1983 British 500GP from Farligh Castle.

See Swede Hakan Carlqvist in his prime as he works his way towards his only 500cc world championship.

At the end of the second race you can see one of the most spine tingling moments in GP history (5m 11s into the last video). Irishman Lawrence Spence is forced to drag his locked-up factory 500 Kawasaki across the line after the gearbox seized up in the last corner. I can't imagine how he mustered the strength to do that after two 45 minute motos around one of the toughest GP tracks. An incredible performance from an amazing rider.

Race 1, Part 1:

Race 1, Part 2:

Race 1, Part 3:

Race 1, Part 4:

Race 2, part 1:

Race 2, part 2:

Race 2, part 3:

Race 2, part 4:

Hakan Carlqvist (8) and Andre Malherbe (5) Enlarge image

Inspiring Irishman Lawrence Spence hauls his dead Kawasaki across the line Enlarge image