Photos & Musings: Grands Prix

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1990 French GP, Brou

This start line shot brings back some memories for me - not so much of the track or the specific race, but just of the general feeling of being on the start line of a 500 GP.

From left to right are Mark Banks, Leo Combee, Franco Rossi, Jo Martens and myself.

The noise, smell, adrenaline, excitement and anticipation just prior to the gate dropping was addictive.

This was a GP so there were no slow guys in the race. Or slow motorcycles for that matter - each and every GP bike was tight, crisp and well-prepared.

As the 30 second board went up the angry bark from 40 half-litre machines was intense. Then as the 5 second board was raised the abrupt staccato sound would instantly fall back to a smooth, yet ever so slightly increasing bass rumble as the 40 riders simultaneously leant forward and held the revs at a steady third. As the gate dropped 2400 horsepower would be unleashed instantaneously.

Intoxicating stuff.

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