Photos & Musings: Golden State Series

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Answer ad shoot

While we were over in California racing the Golden State series our sponsors, Answer Products, were preparing their magazine advertising campaign for their new 1987 gear. Answer President Eddie Cole asked me if I would take part in a photo shoot for them.

This was really rather cool I thought. I had to travel down to Hollywood (yes, that Hollywood, really) and show up at a photo studio. It was very different to any photo shoots that I had done before because it was very professional, and they even had make up girls in attendance. So, after 20 minutes getting made up, and a few carefully placed spring clips ensuring that the gear looked snug for the camera, myself and the three other guys (who were pro 'models') lined up.

It was actually great fun although I did get endless ribbing from my contemporaries when they saw the ad published in various magazines!

I also have to say that I feel a little embarrassed by the hair style too. But it was the eighties....

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