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1980's Motocross Reunion

On 10th July 2010 we organized a 1980's motocross reunion. The idea came about when we went to the funeral of Alec Wright, the late Kawasaki factory team manager. There were many old friends there and a lot of people were saying that wouldn't it be great if someone organized a reunion for all the old guys from our era. So, Claire and I took it upon ourselves to take on the challenge.

It was a complicated job tracing many people as a lot of the guys had left motocross and disappeared completely. However, with the help of my good friend Roger Harvey we managed to track down about a hundred of the great riders, mechanics, press, industry, friends and fans from years gone by.

I'm really grateful to those that supported the event and it was really nice to see so many old faces, some of whom we hadn't seen for 25 years or more.

Some people travelled a long way. Phil Hanham and his family came all the way from Uruguay, where he now lives, and Bryan Wade, my old mentor, flew in from his home in Borneo specially for the event.

It was a resounding success and everyone had a great time. Claire and I received so many kind messages from people enthusing about the event that it certainly made the 3 months hard work that it took to make this happen well worth it.

Thanks once again to everyone for attending, and thanks to Gary Freeman for the great photography.

Elicea did video most of my speech but unfortunately the light was low and the PA system fouled a plug halfway through so sorry for the poor quality.

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Five-time British Champion Bryan Wade & his sidekick Jim Hannaway Enlarge image

British Championship stars Kevin Ruddock and Dave Tomasik, with Wayne Lewis and Welsh Champion Neil Griffiths Enlarge image

Scottish Champion and 500GP hero Wille Simpson, factory Kawasaki mechanic Richard Metcalfe and British 125 and four stroke champion and MXdN team member Greg Hanson with his partner Jaqui Enlarge image

Myself, Kev Ruddock & Willie Simpson Enlarge image

Vanda Simpson with factory Kawasaki mechanics Colin Wright (Alec's son) and Richard Metcalfe Enlarge image

Tim March, my old team mate during my time at Bryan Wade's Honda team, who went on to become World BMX champion, together with his Dad and my wife Claire Enlarge image

Colin Wright, Gary Kinsey (Steve Beamish's old mechanic), British 125 champion Pete Mathia (in dark check shirt), British championship legend Steve Beamish, 6 time British four stroke champion Perry Leask (light check shirt), Vets MXdN promoter Dave King, Kev Ruddock & Richard Metcalfe Enlarge image

Steve Beamish, MXdN team member and British Championship legend Rob Hooper and Kawasaki/Honda mechanic John McMillan Enlarge image

500GP star Brian Wheeler and my oldest friend Jeff Neathway Enlarge image

'Commander' Neil Griffiths orders one more beer Enlarge image