Photos & Musings: British Championships

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1980's Motocross Reunion (Part 2)

More photos from the 2010 Reunion:

Bryan Wade with Laura & Phil Hanham - ex-top 35 rider who now lives in Uruguay Enlarge image

The age-defying Pete Mathia Enlarge image

British 125 champion Paul Hunt with his wife Tina Enlarge image

British Championship stalwart Gary Woolam with his wife and Gary Kinsey (centre) Enlarge image

Rob & Cheryl Hooper (left). Top 5 British Championship rider Vaughan Semmens (right) together with his wife Gaynor and Vanda Simpson Enlarge image

Moto magazine's Adam Duckworth Enlarge image

Claire, who put in so much hard work in preparing and catering for all the guests Enlarge image

500 GP rider Stuart Coyle (centre) Enlarge image

Harvey shares a laugh with mutli-time AMCA champion Keith Ree, Roger's wife Lyn, and Wayne Lewis Enlarge image

Roger arrives with entourage including Rob Walters, Matt Allard & Duncan Smith Enlarge image