Photos & Musings: British Championships

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1980's Motocross Reunion (Part 3)

More photos from the 2010 Reunion:

Runner-up in the 1980 British Open Championship Dave Tomasik asks Paul Hunt if he spilled his pint Enlarge image

Issac pleads his innocence Enlarge image

Sean Osmond and my old mechanic Ken Baulf discuss security Enlarge image

Lyn Harvey blows a kiss to photographer Gary Freeman while Griffo the Dragon does his trademark Sergeant Major look Enlarge image

80's photographer Ray Mayes is always good value Enlarge image

My Dad Ron discusses the good old days with Ken Baulf Enlarge image

'Shades' - one of Russ Jarman's legendary crew Enlarge image

Old friend and former AMCA championship rider Steve Maber talks to 70's Severn Valley SSC member Nigel Bedford Enlarge image

Mechanic, journalist, goggle guy and general all-rounder Rob Walters with his partner Claire Enlarge image

'Son of Ace', Colin Wright Enlarge image