Photos & Musings: Other Riders

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Vintage wedding shot

I recently unearthed this great photo from my wedding in 1988. It was really nice to have so many of my racing friends attend and everybody had a great time.

Back row, left to right:

Warren (my friend Keith Peters' brother-in-law).

Tony Smallwood, my training partner and one-time Silkolene rep.

Keith Peters, local friend and occasional mechanic and helper.

Richard Goddard, whose family introduced me to motocross.

Sir Jack Burnicle.

AMCA legend Keith Ree.

Steve Maber, one of my oldest friends, who I met when I went to my first ever motocross.

Pete Chambers, old schoolfriend and local racer.

GP contemporary Stuart Coyle.

Front row, left to right:

Chris Benford, British championship rider and all-round character.

Russ Jarman, like Chris, and real character and a pretty good GP rider too.

Paul Hunt, British 125 champion and 125 GP hero.


Dickie Dye, British championship rider and future journalist.

Andy Gee, great friend and occasional mechanic, helper, cook and entertainer.

Rob Meek, who as well as being a great British Championship rider was unfeasibly good at Weston Beach race.

Sean Osmond, long-time friend and GP fan.

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