Photos & Musings: Other Riders

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Russ Jarman

This shot of Russ looks like the British GP at Hawkstone, and I’m guessing during qualifying. Russ was a great rider, and one of the privateer heroes so sadly missed in GPs these days. Russ would travel to occasional overseas GPs, fitting them around his day job as a carpenter/maintenance guy at a school. He had a top ten finish at Switzerland once too! RJ was a really funny guy, and had a gang of equally funny mates that would travel with him. They all had names too – ‘Mooey’, ‘Dave the Slave’ and so on. Even his Dad Colin was referred to by Russ as ‘Dirt Man’. Nice people and real characters.

Russ Jarman and friends at the British GP. Enlarge image

Russ and Jane at our wedding in 1988 Enlarge image