Photos & Musings: Grands Prix

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Sophie and I

I really like this picture. Sophie was born in September 1989 and she came with us to all the races in 1990. Not that she can remember of course!

It does look like we intentionally colour-coordinated her with my bike but I can assure you that it was just a coincidence.

I really liked the yellow and red colour scheme. 500s had yellow plates anyway so why not? It made the bike stand out from the crowd and although some people have told me that they didn't like it it was actually really popular with my sponsors because it set us apart from other riders. Honda also had no problem with it.

Sophie is now (March 2013) aged 23 and is studying for a PHD at Oxford.

Sophie aged about 9 months Enlarge image

Sophie on her Matriculation day at Oxford University Enlarge image