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Stuart Coyle

Here are some scans of a magazine feature about Stuart Coyle.

Stuart was a nice unassuming GP privateer from South Wales. Fast on his day, Stuart was a formidable competitor.

My favourite Coyler story happened on the way to the Italian GP one year and goes something like this.

Stuart and his mechanic had stopped in a motorway service area in Italy, and were approached by a couple of dodgy looking Italians in a car. They asked if he was interested in buying a video recorder (obviously fallen off the back of a lorry). As they were talking another car came into view and the two Italians cleared off quickly. They came back and tried again, showing Stuart this beautiful, brand new VCR. Again, a car came into view and they scarpered.

Upon returning again Stuart this time negotiated a price and the Italian gentlemen showed him a boot-full of brand new video recorders, all boxed up. They opened up one of the boxes for him to check and the VCR was there, nicely wrapped in bubble-wrap, complete with all the necessary cables. Stuart agreed the deal, handed over the cash and was handed the nice new boxed-up equipment. The Italians then jumped in their car and sped off, shouting abuse at the Coyler as they left.

Bemused, Stuart opens up the box, removes the bubble-wrap and finds that the VCR he has actually bought is actually a wooden replica of the genuine one they had shown him during negotiations. A solid block of wood, painted black, complete with photocopied paper display and buttons stuck to the front!

The story was met with much amusement when he arrived at the GP.

The icing on the cake was that upon returning home after the GP, and relaying the story to his mates, one of his friends kindly made him a wooden tape to go with it!

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Stuart, with Andy Gee (left and Shaun Osmond (right) at our wedding in 1988 Enlarge image