Photos & Musings: Grands Prix

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Chasing Giovanni Cavatorta, Italian GP, 1988

This is from the Italian GP of 1988. Canít remember the track though. Italy, like France, always had spectacular, fast, hard pack tracks with steep hills. This was flat at the top and we just rode off into space.

In front of me is Giovanni Cavatorta. He was a veteran, long-time GP rider from Italy, who was kind of like the Italian Willie Simpson. He spoke a handful of English words but was very friendly. Getting by with his crude, motocross-specific broken English vocabulary, combined with much gesticulation, he could tell you about his race last weekend:

ďMe vaaireee fasta! Full Gasss! Fussta plaaace, zen mee craaaashhhh. BeeegĒ.

You get the idea...

Like everyone, nice as he was off the track, he didnít give an inch on it. I particularly like the roost from Giovanni's bike on this shot. Despite the steepness of the hill you can tell that he is full-bore on his 500.

Chasing an on-the-gas Giovanni Cavatorta at his home GP. Enlarge image