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Belgian GP, Namur, 1988

Namur again, this time from 1988.

Thatís me with the holeshot, which was a rare occurrence. This was the race that Carla cleared off with a double win, and made his famous stop for a beer.

Namur was my favourite circuit. I first went there in 1985 and I donít think I qualified. I crashed on the downhill double on Saturday. Banged my elbow but didnít think any more of it. When I got changed after the session my elbow looked like it had a piece of steak hanging from it! Had to go and get stitched up and didnít do well in qualifying.

Namur was really long - 3 minutes plus and very difficult to learn. All those twists and turns and drop offs look the same and Iíd find myself slowing down, not knowing what was on the other side of a drop or corner. Tough track.

The next year I had it wired and always rode well there from that day on. In fact in 1987, when it was muddy, I probably had my best shot at a race win when I was in second and reeling in the leader when I got a chunk of mud in my eye and crashed.

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Practice couldn't start soon enough for me at Namur! Enlarge image

The many drop offs at Namur are all very similar, and diffcult to remember Enlarge image

The historic, and iconic, Citadelle makes for a spectacular backdrop at Namur Enlarge image

Waiting in the Parc Ferme prior to the race Enlarge image