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Carla & Leif Persson chilling out

This photo I took myself, I think at the Swedish GP in about 1988. Hakan is leaning on the bike while his friend and compatriot Leif Persson sits.

Most riders drove to the races. Only guys like Thorpe, Malherbe and Geboers would fly in. The majority travelled with their mechanics in the trucks, even to the farthest countries.

We would normally arrive on Friday morning, although if travelling between two consecutive races then some guys might arrive earlier. Being set up at the track early, perhaps Wednesday or Thursday was often better than being stuck in some service station or layby. The problem though, was that once set up at the track you couldn't get out for provisions like milk etc. With only a small fridge in the truck that was a problem so many riders had mopeds or something similar. I got myself a Honda Dax monkey bike for that very reason. We could zip out and get whatever we needed from the supermarket.

I wouldn't have wanted to stay in hotels. I enjoyed the camaraderie and atmosphere and it was nice to just chill out in the evenings and do things at my pace rather than having to rush off to the hotel or airport.

Being part of that whole travelling circus, with all those people converging together from all corners of Europe each weekend is perhaps the biggest thing I miss about racing.

Nice times.

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