Photos & Musings: Grands Prix

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Claire in the pit box

This photo is probably from somewhere like Luxembourg in 1989. Thatís my wife Claire doing her best to keep me cool in the pit box.

Claire started travelling with me to GPs in 1987 and went to most races from that point on. She enjoyed her time on the circuit and made some good friends from all around the world, many of whom we are still in touch with.

1989 was the first year that I essentially ran my own team through Honda UK, and title sponsor Bikesport of Newcastle. I was free to arrange all my own sponsors which I felt worked out much better for me. Financially it was more advantageous, I could choose the best products for the job, and I had control of supplies, which was often a problem riding for someone elseís team.

Pretty much how they do things these days in fact!

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