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International, Bullet, Switzerland

This podium shot was from an international in Switzerland, at a track called Bullet, 1988. Second was Bob Moore on the right, and I think the third place guy was Jean-Charles Tonus.

I won all three races this day, against some strong competition Ė Mike Healy and Moore to name a couple. It was a really tight track, not at all suited to my 500 against the 250 specialists, but I hauled ass that day.

I always seemed to find my best form at internationals rather than GPs, annoyingly. I won a few French internationals, and at some French events where there really was some top class talent , I rode really well, beating many of the top factory riders and world champions. Why didnít I find that form in GPs? Who knows? If I knew the answer to that then I would have achieved much more than I did!

I think that this Bullet International was the first race in Europe for Shayne and Daryl King. They had been brought over by ex-British Championship rider Paul Harrison, who had connections in New Zealand. They didnít feature in the results this day, but as you know, went on to become 500 GP stars, and Shayne lifted the world title in 1996 I think.

There was a guy at the track with a Paris-Dakar car, and after the race he took some of us for a blast around the track. Awesome car, and very, very loud!

Victory at Bullet, over Bob Moore (right) and Jean-Charles Tonus Enlarge image

For the victor, a blast in a Paris-Dakar car! Enlarge image