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Spanish GP, 1987

This is another Burnicle picture, this time from the Spanish GP at Yunquera in 1987.

This was the opening GP of the 1987 season and it rained heavily. In qualifying it was deep slop and very heavy going. If you did not post a quick time early you were in trouble. Some riders were 1 minute 45 seconds a lap slower. Thatís right, 1 minute 45 seconds a lap! You can see a copy of the Sunday morning time training results on the right.

By Sunday the track had dried a little in places but was still a mudder.

In the first race Mark Banks took off ahead of Thorpe and led for most of the race before throwing it away. I ended up fourth and there were four Brits in the top five. Thorpe first, Anstie second, me fourth and Banks fifth. Trampas Parker got a 13th in his first 500GP.

I came away in fifth place in the championship, which was a nice start.

It was really tough and the ruts in places were almost impassable.

The Burnicle picture subsequently was used for the launch issue of Japanese Dirt Bike Magazine Off Road. Making the cover of a Japanese magazine was pretty cool I thought.

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Check out the amazing lap time differences in qualification! Enlarge image

Four Brits in the top five in the first moto! Enlarge image