Photos & Musings: Motocross des Nations

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MXdN, Gaildorf, Germany, 1985

These photos are from the 1985 Motocross des Nations in Gaildorf, Germany.

This was my only time racing for my country, but it is something I am very proud of. 1985 was my first year in 500GPs and I had come good as the season went on, picking up a Kawasaki team ride mid-way through the year.

Being 500 guy, I got the call to ride the 125 at the MXdN by accident really as Britain’s usual 125 specialists were tied up with a national championship race on the same day. However, because of politics between Kawasaki and the British federation over the scheduling of a 125 national on the same day as the MXdN, Kawasaki wouldn’t offer me support for this race. Great! A spot on the British team and no bike!

So, with all new bikes having been sold months before (it was September after all), I went out and bought a second hand KX125 with my own money, being sold by a retiring schoolboy.

With 1 day’s practice, and no spares or hop up parts, I raced Gaildorf on this completely stock bike and finished 6th in the 125 class, beaten only by the top three in the ’85 125 World Championship, The German National champion on home soil, and US champion Ron Lechien on his factory Honda.

The full story was published in RacerX magazine a couple of years ago, and you can read the article eslewhere in this section.

Here is a YouTube clip of the race:

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