Photos & Musings: Early Days

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Yamaha YZ125D - My first new bike

This was my second bike, and first brand new machine. I had raced my Suzuki TM125 for a few months and started to get the hang of it. I think I may have won a trophy too. By this point my Dad had met several other schoolboy fathers and I think they had convinced him that I really needed a newer bike if I was to be competitive. So, again to my huge surprise, he offered to buy me a new bike.

We really wanted a Suzuki RM125B, as all the fast guys rode them, most notably David Thorpe. Donít ask why I remember these exact figures, but the Suzuki cost £785.16. However, this was mid-1977 and no new RMs were available. The Yamaha cost £720 dead, and Fowlers had them in stock.

I wasnít at all disappointed with the Yamaha rather than the Suzuki. Patrick Goddard was racing a Yamaha and he was kind of a hero of mine in schoolboys, so I was more than happy to look like Pat.

I raced this bike for over a year with the original stock back tyre. I had no idea that you needed to change them. After all, it still had knobs on itÖ

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