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Jared Smith

Jared was a hard north easterner from Guisborough and he was a formidable competitor, placing second in the British Championship one year.

Jared liked to model himself on Rambo, and was rumoured to go out onto the moors, sleeping rough and hunting his own food with a longbow. In fact, Motorcycle News ran an interview with him once, running a front page photo of him in camo gear with a crossbow or something, and it created such a furore with disgruntled readers, incensed at the bad image it was giving motorcycles, that editorial had to carry an apology/explanation in a subsequent issue!

I think it was all a bit of fun really, and probably quite exagerrated. Jared was always very cool to me and I had a lot of respect for him.

He did go hunting wild boars at Sittendorf with Coyler one year but I think the boar chased them both back to his van!

Jared's dad Alan was quite a character too. An oil rig worker, Alan used to go to most races and would tell us about how he knew Chubby Brown.

One of Jared's claims to fame, apart from his excellent second place in the British Championship of course, was that he was one of the first guys to jump the downhill double at Namur.

Jared was also the first rider sponsored by Colin Reed, who later went on to have a big GP team presence under the RWJ banner.

Jared also had a picture of a Moose on his FIM racing license, in place of his own photo. True story, that. Nobody at signing on ever said anything....!

I haven't seen Jared for many many years, but I'm told that he runs a boat hire company in the Lake District.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Wickham.

Jared at Hawkstone Park Enlarge image

Resting during timed training Enlarge image