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Men in Black..

It's rare to see MX racers in suits, so here are some pictures from my wedding in 1988.

Richard Dye, top 35 rider, journalist, test rider and trainer to David Thorpe.

Jack Burnicle, legendary journalist, photographer, and TV commentator.

Paul Hunt, British 125cc champion, top 5 world 125cc championship contender & Cagiva factory rider.

Russ Jarman, British and world 500cc championship contender.

Chris Benford, top 35 rider and Motocross Rider magazine test rider.

Russ Jarman and wife-to-be, Jane Young.

Andy Gee, former parts guy at Pro-Circuit Husqvarna.

Stuart Coyle, British and world 500cc championship contender.

Shaun Osmond, Bristol fan who has followed Grand Prix Racing for 20 years and worked up through being mechanic, truck driver and ultimately sponsor.

Rob Meek, British championship contender, plus friend, whose name has slipped my mind, unfortunately.

Richard Dye, Jack Burnicle & Paul Hunt Enlarge image

Russ Jarman and Chris Benford Enlarge image

Russ Jarman & wife Jane Enlarge image

Andy Gee, leaning behind Stuart Coyle, & Shaun Osmond Enlarge image

Rob Meek & pal Enlarge image