Photos & Musings: Motocross des Nations

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MXdN Souvenirs

Have you heard the term 'being capped for England'? It's used in soccer all the time when a player is selected to play for his country. I never really understood what it meant until I was presented with this ceremonial cap following my MXdN appearance.

I also kept the Camel bib that I used during that race. Camel bibs became an icon of GP Motocross, in fact, featured as such fairly recently in Moto Magazine’s ‘Icon’ article.

Camel sponsored certain GPs and put in extra prize money for those wearing the bibs. Even the factory riders like Andre Malherbe would wear them, skillfully cutting them up to show the logos of both his own sponsor O'Neal as well as Camel, and thus benefitting for the extra cash put up by the tobacco company.

Camel had various off-shoot companies, in an attempt to get around the tobacco advertising ban in certain countries. Camel Boots, Camel Adventures (holidays), Camel Collection (fashion clothing, I believe), and, if I recall correctly, Camel ‘Off Road, Centre de Pilotage’ (Camel riding school?).

My MXdN ceremonial cap. Enlarge image

Camel Bib Enlarge image