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Hakan Carlqvist & Andre Vromans at Ettelbruck

This Jack Burnicle pic is from 1981, taken at the old Ettelbruck track in Luxembourg. Hakan Carlqvist is chasing Andre Vromans, both on factory 500 Yamahas.

What I like about this photo is that both riders look so aggressive. On the gas, weight forward, front wheels pawing the air. The crowd are right there in the thick of the action, and you have that big hill in the background. This photo just screams ĎGrand Prix Motocross!í

This would have been Hakanís championship winning year. Everyone thought he should have won more but luck never seemed to be with him, and the air cooled Yamahas slipped further and further behind the water cooled RC 500s Hondas as each season went by. Hakan had a fearsome reputation for having a fiery temper. But every rider got cross with themselves at some time. Thatís just raw competitiveness coming out. People who are comfortable with defeat donít make champions.

The second shot is Hakan, Roger Harvey and myself at Namur in about 2004.

Hakan Carlqvist, hunting down factory Yamaha teammate Andre Vromans in Luxembourg, 1983. Enlarge image

Hakan, Roger Harvey & myself at Namur, circa 2004. Enlarge image