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Severn Valley SSC newsletter, 1977

Here's an interesting old document I found - a newsletter from the Severn Valley Schoolboy Scrambling club from March 1977.

It carries the results from my first race, at Bisley, and needless to say I don't figure in them!

I particularly like the part about David Thorpe looking smart in his grey overalls!

Other names you may recognize are Brian Wheeler (500GPs), Mervyn Anstie (500GP winner), Adrian Wilmott (British top 35), David Thorpe (3 x 500c world champion), Jeremy Whatley (multi-time British champion & GP winner), Gary Evans (top 35 and AMCA legend), Colin Wright (factory Kawasaki Boss Alec Wright's son), Alan Morrison (125 British GP winner), Philip Hanham (British top 35), Kevin Reed and many other fast riders. The Severn Valley club had some of the fastest racing talent at that time.

As I mentioned, that was my first ever time racing a motocross bike. I remember letting all the riders go off the start and I don't think I completed a lap without crashing or getting stuck. If somebody had come up to me that day and said 'Rob, in 8 years from now you'll be racing with some of those boys out there in the world 500cc championships', I'd have thought they were insane.

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