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Dirt Bike Rider cover, Suzuki RM test, 1991

This DBR cover shot from October 1991 was taken at Chippenham. We were there for the launch of the 1992 RM range.

The track itself was mucky so I started jumping into the big piles of wood chips that were on the infield. I soon found that bailing off was like jumping into a feather duvet, so this provided a great opportunity for some unique photos.

During my time as a test rider I always tried to create something different, exciting and unique for the cameras. Other British publications used to send their test riders around the track, getting plastered with mud, while some photographer wandered round taking fuzzy grey snaps as they went past at 40 mph. I tried to raise the standard, and spent ages working with the photographers to get pictures that would sell magazines, and show the bikes off well for the manufacturers.

On this day at Chippenham we got some great stuff. However, my DBR co-tester Dickie Dye also joined in, and we were soon launching two bikes into the air. Perhaps not unexpectedly, eventually one bike fell on the other and we bent the bars a bit.

Suzuki were pissed at this and thought we were nothing but irresponsible hooligans. Actually, that couldn't have been further from the truth. We got some stunning pictures, and some great publicity for them. The bikes were good too.

We also got this great cover shot, which for me rates up there as one of the best covers ever.

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