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Motocross Magazine cover, 1986

This magazine, entitled Moto Cross, is, I believe a Belgian publication. A guy handed it to me at a GP once as I was featured on the cover.

Believe it or not, this is about the only decent photo I have of the factory bike I raced in 1986. Isn't that incredible? I raced a full factory bike and have no photos!

This picture is from Folkendange, Luxembourg, 1986. There was a lumpy bumpy bombhole type section which everyone used to ride around, on a really wide line, to try and keep the wheels on the ground. I came along in 1985 and started jumping into and out of it in two leaps, which was much faster. Soon all the top guys tried it, but to be honest, many of the 500GP riders were not so hot on jumps back then and found it difficult to jump 'supercrossy' stuff.

In 1986 I was wearing the Laser helmet shown, which was Kawasaki team issue. It was kind of cool to have a helmet that was not available to the public, but the helmets weren't actually that good! There was a problem in that the visor was only held on with three press studs and so a rock could easily knock it off.

That happened in Luxembourg, over the jump in this photo. My visor fell off and a fan apparently ran into the track to retrieve his souvenir only to have Eric Geboers nail him as he came over the blind jump. I never did find out whether he was seriously hurt or not.

'Moto Cross' magazine, 1986 Enlarge image

1985 photo of the same jump from the other side. Enlarge image