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Mark Lane

Added 18/12/17 10:30am

What ever happened to Chris Witts , Had many good races with him in mid 1970s in Severn Valley and Cotswold Schoolboy MX. I never saw Chris come over to adult Motocross racing. Like myself I think Chris rode Aspes for a while with Mineralli engines. The good old days.

Karan Wright (nee Witts)

Added 21/08/17 11:27am

Hi Rob. What a great website! It brought back some great childhood memories for me. My brother Chris and I mainly rode at the Cotswold's in the 70's and 80's. Brian Wade was my brothers hero and mine was DT. There are so many names mentioned here that I remember. Thank you for the fantastic memories. Karan

Andy White

Added 20/05/17 10:01pm

Fantastic site Rob. Just seeing some of the names that have left comments bring back memories. Like Mark Price from the early days of TMX. Indeed the golden years and probably the happiest days of my life. Congratulations on making the effort to create the site.

Mike Wellman ( TMWRegistrations)

Added 14/05/17 10:40am

Dear Rob, Thanks For The Treasured Memories ! Desperate To Contact David Thorpe, Via Email Or Mobile. Sold Him 5 DKT Back In December 1988. How Can I Contact Him ? Can You Help Rob ? Best, Mike. Mike, send me an email via the contact page. Regards. Rob

Dave Higgs

Added 15/01/17 10:28pm

Hi Rob Just been looking at your MX site. You have made a 100% professional job. Enjoyed our racing in the 1980s and do you remember our early trip to France with Grant & Simon Horsfield, Kevin Froud & Russell Priddle, and all the old SW races & many practice days at Worcester? I could never beat you in the dry, you were just too good. But in the wet may be a little different..! Take care Rob to you and your Family. Dave Higgs


Added 10/12/16 05:56pm


Steve Phillips

Added 18/09/16 05:28pm

What a brilliant site this is. I was a big fan of motocross as a kid,traveling all over the country for meets and talking specifically 1985-1995 period whereafter I lost interest after the 500cc bikes lost their position as premier class,and I became involved in other things like being a teenager. I remember fondly Thorpe at Farleigh 89,the Hawkstone GPs (500 and a 125),a frome 250 GP in the mud,and loads of British meets from Canada heights to Elsworth to Nantwich. We went to as many as we could including local AMCAs and the 250/125 series in the ACU. So anyway my interest in sports for the last 20 years or so has been confined to boxing and football but I was reminiscing about motocross the other day and thought I'd trawl the Internet to see what I could find of interest (beings as it obviously wasn't about in my motocross days). Now we used to get dirt bike rider, motorcycle news and others in the house and Id scour for hours over the reports and results from that era,I can even remember some of the photos to this day,so when coming on the web i though that there would be a tonne of material to browse through. How wrong was I? I cannot find any race results from Britain and the worlds for this era and I was disappointed as I thought someone would have a site dedicated to this. Youtube is fantastic and I've been watching loads of old GPs (I remember buying them back in the day and watching my mates round his house like MXDN and American Supercross) so it's all pricked my interest again in the sport but above all this site is the best for nostalgia I've seen. So much time and love has gone into it including great shots and stories. So much for it has me hooked. Stuff like the factory bikes from the mid 80s and Thorpe v Malherbe in Luxembourg is just brilliant. But I wondering if anyone on here or Rob knows where you can find complete race results for this period other than race programmes (I have a bunch at home that have somehow survived multiple moves but nowhere near what Id like) alternatively can you buy old DBRs as they would make fascinating reading. Anyway this has all inspired me to take my missus and 2 kids (under 5) to the meets like my mum and dad did. I may struggle to keep the same interest as the bikes are now 4 stroke, no 500s, shorter races, names and tracks I don't know and those stupid triple digit number plates but I'm sure I'll get into it and my little boy won't know any different. Rob I'm not sure if you will remember but my Dad used to do a bit on your bike in your very early days,his name is Bob Phillips and we are fairly local to you. Also my mate who had all the videos was Gordon Jones son and I imagine you might have known Gordon from being around with KTM and his connection with Russ Jarman (I remember being in Jarman's trailer after a Weston beach race once, maybe when Thorpey beat Edmondson?) Anyway sorry for the waffling, so much to talk about. Basically I want to find out more detail from this era like results and if there are any good sites/places for magazines/articles from this era. Once again great site and I hope you continue to update it.i remember you well rob and my clearest recollections of you are with the number 6 plate in the British,you mixed with some great riders and you should be proud of your site.

Mark Price

Added 03/05/16 12:31pm

Hey Rob. Stumbled across your website and it took me back to the days when I was covering motocross in words and pictures for T+MX News. It was when you were at your peak and I remember some great rides you had for Kawasaki and Honda (and the weird sounding Maico!) Sadly I don't have any '80s MX images I can share (lost most of my library in a domestic flood), but it was great to see you and yours are well and really enjoyed you website. Best Mark

Lisa Nicholls

Added 23/04/16 02:49pm

hello there, my son is seven years old and last we bought him a little 50cc pit bike much against my decision but he had his heart set on one. Well we took him out on it just over a large field owned by a local scrapyard who said we could go on there as long as it was just hr max a day and well turns out my little boy is a natural. He just jumped on with no fear and rode round and round. In two sessions hes already learnt to control his speed and turns it all off himself when he slows down and stops, he takes the corners a little fast but he has only done two sessions. Thing is my husband wants to try him on a track as he has a very good build and has good posture on the bike - he wobbles a bit when his arms are tired but its all something he`ll get better with in time. Do you know of any dirt tracks where he can just practice in the UK in the west midlands? I`ve found a couple places that will let him ride for £20 an hr but he has to be 10, and how he has took to it and showed good control we reckon he could be racing and jumping by 10 we need somewhere for him now. Hope you or any of your followers can help. Regards. Lisa, send me an email via the contact page please. Regards. Rob

Barry Dyson

Added 11/11/15 05:50pm

Regarding my last post. I decided to ignore that you shouldn't meet your hero. I did actually pluck the courage to approach Dave Thorpe at the Dirt Bike Show. What a lovely gentleman he was. I told him about my letter I'd written to him 30 years ago. I'm sure he'll still have it ;-/ He was very approachable and spent some time chatting to me and my Mrs, Lisa. Lisa took a few photos of us and looking at them later, DT seems to be smiling more than me. Perhaps it was he who was more chuffed. The visit to the DBS was on our way to a week in the Cotswolds. Bless my Lisa, she trudged on a hike without moaning to take in Farleigh Castle. I'd never been. It was a lashing down mid afternoon with not a soul around. But we naughtily snook in and walked up the hill and across the back and round the wooded section to take some pics. It was quite surreal in the foggy wet mist, to think of the names that had blatted around the place, Thorpe, Noyce, Malherbe .... Ooh and Andrews. Brilliant!! Thanks again Rob. Barry

Barry Dyson

Added 28/10/15 06:30pm

I love this site. I just love reminiscing about 80's motocross. I got into as my brother worked for TMX in the early 80's. Dave Thorpe quickly became my hero and as a 12 year old or so wrote to him. He wrote back with some stickers and a signed photo enclosed. I was beside myself when it arrived. I've no idea where it went but I can recall it verbatim I read it that much. I did find the signed pic about 3 years ago and faded where it had been on my wall as a kid. I sent it to Buildbase and DT very kindly resigned it. They say you should never meet your hero and as yet I haven't. In the last year, at 42 years of age, I finally bought myself my first bike, an RM125 2003. This is because of a new understanding and supportive lady in my life who just said I should do it if it had always been a dream. I don't intend to race but can be found overtaken by the youths around Preston Docks track once a month or so. So desperate was I for a bike when I was young, that I actually went begging round the neighbours asking for money. What was I thinking. I recall only Mr Pennington at no 8 gave me 10p. A long way short of the cost of a Green Italjet 50 I yearned for. Mum found out weeks later and quite rightly majorly bollocked me and made me take the 10p back. The shame I brought to my parents... I remember too when Mx was occasionally televised, that I would be so pumped up afterwards that I'd bomb my BMX wearing my TMX top down Old Bobs Lane pretending to be at Hawkstone and trying my best to get dirty. This was a filthy downhill dirt track from our village to Morecambe. That was as close as I got to living my dream. My good lady has quite got into it herself after my bike purchase and bought me the 80s box set of 85-90 500 cc world championship. Showing her Namur and finding Dave King's YouTube track walk in recent times, she has suggested we have a weekend in Namur and walk the track. What a girl! Thank you Rob for this great site. And I hope you don't mind my musings and memories of my childhood. Barry, Morecambe

Robert Chescoe

Added 30/09/15 02:28am

Hi Rob With reference to how it all began for you. In 1975, in Twyning, as an 11 year old I went to the Grand Fete at Fleet Farm, which was organised by Barbara Arnold, the Mayoress of Tewkesbury. The star guests were "The Imps", riding Honda XL85s & XL125 trail bikes. I was in awe at their stunts! I also found out that they were in Strensham at Ley Farm & on the next Sunday morning I too cycled to the farm hoping to see them. However, like you I was disappointed to find there was no sign of them. Just like you, my adventure of joining their circus was dashed. Our paths crossed in 79-80 as my cousin Paul Neal & you would often ride around the lanes on your Yamaha RD125 twin & stop at The Crown at Shutonger. We used to watch you at Eldersfield motocross & I will dig out photographs I have somewhere of you at that track. Great memories & great web site. Best wishes Rob

John Nichols

Added 19/08/15 10:30pm

Hey Rob I love your website.... Just stumbled upon it while searching Sittendorf mx track, I'm old school and remember the good old days but love the sport as much now as I always have... Off to Mantova this weekend for the GP and also help Shaun out with a little sponsorship ! I was riding schoolboys when the 500's were in full swing but remember so well all you boys in that class. I went to my first European GP at at Namur in 89 and fell in love with that place. In fact only missed about 2 GP's max at Namur since that day through the 90's up to the last race there in 07 - the year I drove for MultiTek Honda !! Recently visited the place on way home from holiday and frog-marched the family on a full lap in the rain. I loved it - not sure they did - but it brought the memories back. Been to loads of GP's but gutted never made it to places like Sittendorf, Wohlen, Swanenstadt.... It's a shame more of you boys from back then don't have websites like this to share the fab memories you created for us fans as well as you the riders, you were all heroes and still are! Great work mate. You're one of the legends.

Karen Taylor

Added 06/07/15 10:33am

Only found this by accident...brings back so many happy memories...great weekends spent in Europe. ..from the moment you stepped on the ferry in your Farley Castle T-shirt to the return journey still covered in dirt from the track..carrying your duty free and exhausted from not sleeping all weekend and too much bier. ..I was lucky enough to witness Carla's beer stop in favourite track...they don't build them like that anymore. ...and as my son was born that December he got given the middle name of Hakan...yes that's what the racing hype did to you...or the beer!....made so many friends of all nations that we met each time...and witnessed crazy things. .namely in matches at 4 am in the morning...trials bike riding across the tables in a bar...moses the dj and yes borrowing the podium out the beer tent in Ettlebruk Luxembourg....have to say thank you to my dad for taking me each time...but he is the real story teller..clocking up about 60 years of journeys across Europe for the love of the sport... really miss those days.....

Steph Ceccarelli

Added 25/12/14 12:09pm

Sorry for my poor english... Fantastic page ! Thanks for all Rob. Legends never died !

Tim Dobson

Added 28/10/14 01:53pm

Great page Rob. The golden days of the 80's and early 90's will never be repeated. I was lucky enough to witness the era and meet so many of the stars at the time who were all friendly and approachable including yourself at a local meeting you rode at as a guest (Glaisdale, Whitby motocross club). I lost touch with the sport in the mid-90's due to my career and family. Just taken a trip down memory lane. I have some old photos from the 91 British GP at Hawkstone Park and the British champ round at Boltby the same year if you're interested in them for your page.

Steve Worts

Added 25/10/14 10:57pm

Hi Rob. Hope you're well. I last raced in the same era as you and went on a training camp with you and Dave Watson at North Somercotes in the sand. You had me running up and down sand hills until I threw up! And going through tight bends stood up and going faster and faster until I crashed! LOL! At least you helped me up. Then me, you and Dave went jumping on sand dunes after the training school had finished. I see you make oak furniture. I'm looking for a table and 6 chairs - something nice. I'm in NZ now but coming back next August to crate all my furniture. Regards,


Added 22/06/14 08:55pm

Alright son! Just stumbled across your site Rob. Hope your family's in fine fettle. It's only taken me 4 years to work this web thing out. Still very much a virgin. So many memories. Great photos. Looks like you are after my golf crown! At last a rival to pit my wits against. We must cross clubs one day. Are you at Farleigh in September ..? If so it would be great to catch up. Take care and love to your clan. x

John Kirby

Added 18/03/14 02:51pm

Has anyone got a copy of Off-Road Giants volume 1 to sell? I also require a copy of Bikes-Camera-Action volume 1. Hope someone can help me. [Note from Rob - If you can help John please send a message to me via the 'contact' page and I will pass on your details]

Jeff Russell

Added 11/02/14 10:09pm

If anyone knows John McMillan of Slough I would like to get in touch with him, or if he reads this my number is 07774 490 088. Also Kevin Squibb from Chequered Flag days or any one who practised there on Saturdays.

Mark Lane

Added 03/02/14 01:38pm

What a great site with so much information. Its great that this information is here for future generations. Motocross has and will always be a way of life for so many of us. I hope Richard Goddard is getting well. Had many great races with him and Patrick in 250cc Expert class. Thanks for these memories. RIP Dave Livesey.

Jon Rowe

Added 17/12/13 02:37pm

Fantastic site Rob!! Please keep it going! Great to see you riding at the VMXDN in 2012!

Jeff Nickels

Added 12/12/13 03:18am

Rob, you were always one of my favorites! Being an American and an mx fan in the 80's, I looked to Europe and the GP's for the true (in my opinion) spirit of motocross racing during that time. You and the other greats of that era kept my imagination stirring and I wore out many, many, vcr tapes watching you race. I hope the future treats you well, and thanks for all of the great memories, my friend!

Sean Grosvenor

Added 19/10/13 10:27am

Hi Rob hope you are well? Just been on your site brilliant job! 1983 is when I started and all my hero's are on here! Good times SG

Paul Roberts

Added 06/10/13 06:39am

Hi Rob, Came across your site by chance. What great memories I have. I used to ride along side Gary Skelding, Mark Fereday, Dean vale Onslow, Chris Witts (deaf and dumb) Rob Baynham, Gary Chamberlain. Thanks for your memories.

Barry Dyson

Added 18/08/13 09:12pm

Cool site. I been to a nostalgia scramble today in Cumbria. Pete Mathia was riding which was a name I'd not heard for years. I have been looking online at him and found your site as another name from the past. Thanks for sharing the memories. Brought out the big kid in me. All the best. (Why don't ya have a dabble in the nostalgia circuit?)

John McMillan

Added 25/07/13 04:54pm

Hey Rob - Can anyone find a copy of the 1973 MCN? there is a rather handsome picture of me with a Mr Vic Allan, and an article on schoolboy motocross. Would love another copy. Keep enjoying all that's good, Time Waits For No One... and all the best John McMillan. (To my friends MaddogJohnnyBoyJetPilot-the silverfox) [If anyone can help John please email me through the contact page. - Rob]


Added 08/06/13 02:51pm

Gash's comments on George Jobe are treasured.. Ive been married for 30 yrs thanks to the Belgians valor that day. and his "camel-back " leap. I'd been married 1 year and until that day my pretty wife thought that motocross was farmers jumping puddles on dirty bikes. George and all the other MX stars that day made my passion look cool. That scorching day at Farleigh in 1985 helped too. I'm in New Zealand now and I mention 2 stroke race bikes like British Rival, Kramer, Cotton EMX, CCM Hiro, Swindon swing link, Aspes and people think I'm drunk. Great days. Smed New Zealand


Added 08/06/13 02:08pm

Hi Rob, Of all the crap online its taken long time to find some real people. Please allow me to contribute further. I have a racing lifetime of motocross memories from 1970 til 2008. I think you and your guests know that the 2 stroke days were real scrambling/ motocross The yank circus show called Super cross and non natural terrain tracks are pale comparisons. Good on you Rob, you dragged professionalism into UK Motocross. Not sure about that centre fold on the CR500 tho. If you dont ban me from your guest book, I have a thousand stories from Welsh championships, Haynes four stroke champs, British champs and GP MX from 1979 to 2005, Many thanks Lyndon

Alastair Calderwood

Added 02/02/13 10:13pm

Hi Rob. Just found this site of yours and it brings back many great memories of without doubt the golden years of motocross. I used to ride Maicos in Ireland mid-70s to mid-80s and we had some pretty good riders too like Larry Spence, Dave Watson etc. We always looked up to you guys in the British champs top 35 and we used to come over every year to either Hawkstone or Farleigh to see the best in action. You always had some pretty trick Maicos and it was great to see a big 490 being ridden properly. Went back to Farleigh 2011 & last year with my kid brother who was riding a C&J Honda. What a great meeting it is. Anyway congrats on the site and keep up the good work. Regards Al

Alan Cook

Added 30/01/13 07:53pm

Hi Rob,great site and brilliant memories of the best mx era of all time. Great to see all the pics especially the reunions. So sorry to hear Richard Goddard has had such a rough time. Used to live near Richard during our racing days with Rod and Lynne Nicholas and fondly remember Richard mono wheeling his FS1E around the area then whipping our butts every Sunday.Please pass on my best wishes to Richard for a complete recovery and keep up the good work with the web site. Regards Alan Cook. e.Mail

Martin Moore

Added 17/01/13 08:47pm

Hey Rob, just found your site after looking at a pic on Facebook of a race at Belle Vue (l think) showing Jobe, the Kid, Carl Shaw, Jem and others, which got me thinking about looking for some pics myself. Am good mates with Mark Fulton and was trying to get some of him on the Cagiva. Do you remember when the Russians rode at Farleigh? Was it Kudikov or something like that? Happy days indeed. Cheers

Matt Harper

Added 13/01/13 10:59am

Hi Rob. Still cant resist having a regular look at your site. Well done. Happy new year to you and your family. Just seen you have had a message from Wayne Bishop. He was my idol when I was young. Can you please send him a hello from me. Regards Matt


Added 12/01/13 09:54pm

Well, just found out George Jobe has succumbed and I am feeling very sad about it to say the least. As a boy I used to read about him in Dirt Bike Rider, TMX News, etc...Too bloody young, fifty-one years! An icon from a golden era has gone. Goodbye George.

Wayne Bishop

Added 23/12/12 06:52pm

Hi Rob, what a great site. So many memories from the Golden era. I raced in the West Midlands at around the same time, mostly on Yamahas but will also admit to being one of the British Rival riders, (the other two that I knew were Mike Burbridge and John Harris).


Added 06/12/12 11:13pm

Hi Rob You are no:23 in this race Rob: Nearly thirty years ago! Can you remember the day? Thorpe riding like he is from another planet. Mind you, his bike is a touch special; one of my favourite bikes of all time those mid-eighties, works RC500s.

Herman E Hoff

Added 25/10/12 06:37pm

Some of you will know me as being for a long time speaker at many events; GP races including. The only one of the GP's i am still doing is the GP of Uddevalla. Up till last year i was the promotor of the Honest International Youth an International for choolboys which started in 1980 as being an exchange between youngsters from the UK and Holland. To keep the good thing alive i maintaine regular a column on my website called In 1982.. There (in the Dutch language) one can read race reports published in the year

Nick Lane

Added 03/10/12 03:39pm

What an Awesome website. Cant believe how time flew while I was looking at the great photos, reports and information. Reminds me why I starting racing when I turned 18. Still manage to ride a bit now at 42, in twinshock and evo events. Once again well done. Regards Nick Lane

Keith Piggy Ree

Added 12/08/12 10:32am

Yo Rob/Claire and Family ...Just a quick note to say once again a good evening at the Reunion....Thanks. Enjoyed the night. Keep it up.. and good to see yet another good turnout.... Regards Pig

leon verheij

Added 25/07/12 04:56pm

Nice reading on This one all great memories check my pics on fb. I collect bike for my swedisch friend we are prepairing a BIG MUSEUM in vimmerby sweden. For gifts or any mx stuff look my fb leon verheij or e mail


Added 10/07/12 08:53pm

Yes, good site! Takes me back to a more exiting era when you knew Thorpe, Malherbe, Jobé* and Geboers were going to give us memories we'll never forget. Yes, I was at Farleigh in '85. I dunno, is it me or has scrambling lost its soul? I used to ride in Cornwall in the '80s and can always remember Andrew Gilbert going up the line to the schoolboy Champion of Champions and wiping the floor with the competition. I think he won the Inter 80s, Inter 100s, seniors and Experts on the trot. Still never seen anyone ride a 125 like him, he could do a whole lap of a given track and only make contact with the ground about ten times. Found this on you-tube, some serious nostalgia: *Get well Georges!

Andy Parfett

Added 29/05/12 12:38pm

Hi Rob, I found your website by accident, I was Mervyn Ansties mechanic in 1990 and went on to work for Brian Wheeler in 91. Great website brings back alot of great memories. Andy


Added 04/05/12 02:46pm

Was on the net just browsing, and came across your site,looking at the pics and bringing back the memories, Hawkstone, Farley, Wakes Colne, often wonder what a lot of the lads are doing for a living today,I still see Keith Thorpe (David's dad) several times a year, thanks for stirrring up the grey stuff, regards to your family, Dirtman CJ

Terry Lewis

Added 01/05/12 03:24pm

Well I came across this site by accident and it\\\'s really taken me back and made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up looking at those old pictures of my heroes at the time. Those really were the golden days of motocross in my view. I raced schoolboy motocross a lot in the midlands, as well as the south west and north west in the 70's on a string of Suzuki TM and RM bikes. I also tested and raced the very first British Rival bike that was produced by Ken Sedgeley (7 gears and 7 neutrals if I recall). I never really made it after shoolboys so ended up in AMCA for several years but did race against the likes of Dave Thorpe, Perry Leask, Dave Watson, Chris Morris, Brett Steele to name just a few. My first club was Cradley Heath and my first race was at Cleobury Mortimer around 1971 but can recall lots of races in Bewdley, Kidderminster, Kinver etc. I can also recall Maisemore in Gloucester where I think they had a British Championship event (but I could be wrong). My memory is a bit hazy as it was so many years ago now but they were happy and enjoyable times for me. Only problem is after all those years of hard training and racing it has taken its toll on my body! All the best and congratulations on such an interesting and informative site.

Jon Harris

Added 03/04/12 10:11pm

Superb site Rob one of the best around. Really like the historical side and seeing the names below brings back memories. We started out at the same time 77, members of same clubs including our sessions down the Cotswolds in 78. We went our own way for 79 season rarely meeting each other after that. Remember the Maico 125, my mate Andy Whiles had one as well, thats four we now know of. For the whipper snappers i was the one of three on British Rivals, you made the right decision Rob for 78. Heres to another 31 years.


Added 14/03/12 09:57pm

Nice web site, thanks for that. Memories are diamond and dust as the tunes says, more dust with motocross but good souvenirs. This culture is important to maintain and make alive and British riders have a kind of special "flair", Whatley, Noyce, Herring, Malin, Nicoll, Dobb, Thorpe, etc. and you Mr Andrews. Some of our riders rode schoolboys championship (Jacky Vimond) and now Aubin seems to go well with Dave Thorpe. a frog eater (but Anglophile)

michael (germany)

Added 01/03/12 08:12pm

hi rob... its a great webside. many interesting pics and infos of the earlier japanese factory-bikes. im very interested in all kawasaki technicals, in first paul malins kx500sr . i cant imagine, that kawasaki dont build this bike in produktion-style. they sold the kx500E from 1989 to 2004, big like a dinosaur, but with this great powerful engine. actually i ride my kx360 (engine from kx250 with big bore to 78x 74mm) but i had never a 500 on my own. so my father and i started to build one. we use a kx250-frame from 93 and 88- kx500-engine. there is a lot of work to do for a good finish, i will ride these bike only for fun and even a few races with this pregnant 500-sound in the ear . i tested many bikes , the cr and kx500 even maicos and the 380-ktm , also 4-strokes , but my love is to ride 2-strokes. i saw the video with you on your cr500 and thats really great... ;O) ride on and greatings from germany

Leif Persson

Added 09/02/12 07:05am

Very nice homepage. Best regards Leffe

Chris James

Added 05/02/12 11:49am

Hi Rob, Just come across this website and have really enjoyed going back over the years. I was looking at the picture of you and Matt Harper in the schooldays. I first met you about this time, i used to travel with my family in a old land rover (could be us in back of photo) i was not sure if this venue could have been at Abberly Gt Whitley. The track i cant remember much about as i was never a good rider but enjoyed the sport tremendously. I remember you riding here on the yam andf the gearbox sticking in i think second gear but you still continued the day and beat most. I think that day may of been your last on the yam as next time i saw you you had that tremendous maico. Rob at this time after the meeting my mum always cooked up some chipped potatoes and beans on a camping stove and you joined us a few times. Not sure whether you will remember this or not. I think the only time my bike managed to pass you was at a practice track just outside Hereford it was on a field where the farmer used to tip all the waste from making cider. You could get drunk on the fumes just riding round ha ha. I remember losing control off a jump and my bike took off without me straight past you with no rider...We did laugh about it after and gratefully nobody was hurt. Rob once again great to catch up you were a true ambassadeur to the sport and always a gentleman, I am proud to have met you all the very best Chris James

Trevor King

Added 06/01/12 11:46pm

Hi Rob Great website very nostalgic gets the heart racing for the start of the season to come. I race in the national twinshock series and it's just like the old days and proper tracks, even some heros like Noycey still riding. Great stuff

Steve Jones

Added 24/12/11 09:10pm

Rob, I can't stop coming back to look at the photos, such a great site. Finaly got my evo bike built for Farleigh this year and had an awesome weekend, myself and a small band of very merry men are putting on a vintage motocross festival at Culham this coming May, would love to see you and your CR500 trackside!!!!! Steve Jones.

Steve Heys

Added 05/12/11 10:06pm

Great website Rob. i've just spent an hour reliving the old days, so many legends. do you remember hatherton hall at nantwich?

Dean andrews

Added 03/12/11 07:23pm

Hi Rob and all.Great times 70s80s mx remember many names on site. My dad Mick Andrews ran Cotswold youth club for many years remember getting awards from you at presentation at Cheltenham racecourse. Regards dean

Mark Gessey

Added 28/10/11 05:05pm

Great site Rob. Just wiped an hour of work this afternoon looking at it! I remember those Honda training days at Hawkstone well. Can still hear Wadies mate Jim shouting and balling at us to run up the hill faster! And Dave Watson hurling up under a tree.....awsom. Great work Rob


Added 11/10/11 08:21pm

hi rob very good web site i remeber the good old days of you racing and iam a great fan of your . i remeber the cr500 you rode for bikesport with the mustard yellow frame and trick colour scheme

shane wheeler

Added 10/10/11 06:20pm

I rode in Corsham and Moredon SSC between1975-8 on my YZs. Still got my YZ 125D. Good as new need to sell it. Had some great times was so lucky to be in that era.


Added 09/09/11 09:00pm

Hey, did you ever find my helmet you were using that got stolen when you were here staying with us in the U.S.? LOL I ran across your website today and could believe it, hope you remember me from the 80's I meet you in Europe racing in 82 or 83 and then you came out and stayed with us for a couple of weeks in California. It looks like you had a nice career and came up with a wonderful family. Hope all is well and I will keep checking back every once in awhile and see what’s up. Your friend, Tom ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I certainly remember you Tom. Please email me through the contact page. Rob

Andy S

Added 26/08/11 01:41pm

Used to race in schoolboys many moons ago and lived by the Malvern Hills. When we used to go racing we would pass your house many Saturday and Sunday mornings and my brother and I would always say "Rob Andrews lives there". Not that we were crazy stalkers or anything. It was a privalage to watch riders like you at World Championship level, even better when the likes of yourself, Merv, Jared, Willie, Mark Banks, Lawrence Spence, Andy Nicholls scored points or got a good result. You all seemed so approachable and open to the fans, giving your time to sign autographs and talk to us, it made the journey to the continent worthwhile. I was fortunate for you to vary kindly give me two of your racing shirts back in that great era of British Motocross. I attended several British GPs and also went to Namur, Luxembourg and the 89 Swiss GP. As a fan of the sport riders like yourelf, Merv Anstie, Jared Smith, Willie Simpson and Russ Jarman were my heroes. Obviously we were lucky to have Dave Thorpe but all the British riders bar one were appreciative of the support and always took time to ackowledge the fans. You also delivered me one of the biggest doses of realisation I ever had. One Saturday we went up to the Sixways practice track by the motorway at Worcester and there was I thinking I was pretty fast, little did I realise that Rob Andrews Airways was on the track and proceeded to do a fly past as I was pottering through some whoops. I can honestly say i dont think I ever saw anyone ride a 500cc round that track any faster than you did during that era. Thank you Rob for this website, it has brought back so many fantastic memories of a time when motocross was great.

Darren Hemsworth

Added 23/08/11 11:17am

Paddy, Yes, I raced with Stephen Hird in the 80's, well I was in the same race :-) , as he banged handlebars with Andy Benson , week in week out... see my pics from that era, there are a few of Stephen on there -

Andy Manton

Added 31/05/11 07:30pm

Hi Rob glad see your site fond memories when we rode around the track at six ways, are you sill riding, best wishes Mant.

Andrej Varkovic

Added 15/04/11 11:28pm

Wow! Incredible is all I can think to say. My favourite era is the early to mid 70\'s, shame you don\'t have more photos from this era, and more of the 80s! You have really captured the 80s era and have created what I feel is the best MX site for history out there, best in the sense of third rate performances. My only question is: how can you improve on this (your performances aside)?? As an Lithuanian, I always missed the works bikes. It was really fun to see the pics and read the articles. I always considered the open class GP riders the \'wannabe real men\' of mx. Great site and it brought back some memories, albeit not ones I cherish. Thank you.


Added 14/03/11 01:33pm

Looking through this site and all the pics took me back and some good memories. Time flies huh? But I'll never forget my first encounter at local woods watching people race around and get a chance to ride a Suzuki RM100. I was 9 yrs old back in 1980 and my bike was a used and abused Honda crunch!! The moment I got on that RM and opened it up I knew I had found my sport just like you and many others. I progressed up and eventually brought one of Mark Banks' old 500s. I'm sure you were on the team at the time too. I did have a few practice sessions with Mark at a track not far from his shop. I can't remember the name but it was in the middle of a forest. I do believe Paul Bickers (son of Dave) turned up a few times too. I know one thing, Mark was no slow coach on a bike and you were faster than him for sure. That's talent Rob, no questions there. I'm a bit disapointed that you don't keep in on the sport like Thorpe does. You know you got a few more trophyies to win! You ain't past it yet! One day I hope to see you surprise a few people and contest a season or two! You never know, you might start a comeback of ex-riders we all liked to watch back in the younger days! I know one thing - the day I can't lift leg over bike or kick it over will be the day I retire! I'm not fast but I enjoy it like I was 9 yrs old again and that suits me fine! Best regards Rob and thanks for putting a bit of history on the net.


Added 22/01/11 09:22pm

Hi Rob, Good website. Brings back many memories. Was Brett Steele your team mate on a Husky in the early 1980s? I seem to remember you riding with him at Teversal. Regarding Steven Hird, I think he was a top schoolboy rider from Sheffield who contested the support class one season but then raced at local meetings only. ================================= Yes, Brett was my team mate for a short while in 1984 on Husqvarnas. Rob.


Added 03/01/11 09:44pm

Does anyone remember a lad called stephen Hird? He raced in the 80's schoolboys and a year in the mens sponsored by Kawasaki. My mum recognises some names on here so maybe someone remembers Stephen. Cheers.

Matthew Large

Added 16/12/10 12:32pm

Your website has triggered some fond memories for me. I raced as a schoolboy in the late 70's/early 80's at Northumbria, North Yorks, North Humberside and Thorne & District clubs. Never won much but I was in the same age group as Jared Smith and he raced at some of the same clubs.

Mark Webb

Added 15/12/10 01:40pm

Hi Rob. Great to see a photo of Bryan on your site. What a rider he was. I watched him at Nympsfield in the 70s. He was just awesome. Did you ever ride at Nympsfield? It was a great track. ========================== Hi Mark. Yes I did race Nympsfield a few times. As you say, a great, natural terrain motocross circuit. Rob

Garry Coleman

Added 12/12/10 09:04pm

Used to go Namur and Ettelbrouck in early to mid eighties with my dad Ron and you would always make time to chat to us - great times Stuart Coyle was another.

Gary Switzer

Added 07/12/10 06:44pm

Hi Rob. Great site. I was at a Train with Wade school when you where there. What a great few days. Would you have access to any of the TRAIN WITH WADE videos? =============================== Gary, glad you enjoyed the schools. I had a lot of fun doing those. Some great memories. I'm not aware of any videos from back them. I don't recall Bryan ever making any. If I ever hear of any I will let you know. Rob

Angus McPherson

Added 05/12/10 02:39pm

Hi. Great site, great times. Did you ever race at Laund Hey in Haslingden? That was some hill. ============================ Hi Angus I don't recall that track sorry. Rob

Wayne Giles

Added 03/12/10 09:57am

WOW! Great site Rob. Brings back memories - Namur in the days of the big two strokes, Grand Prix at Farleigh, mega! Wish I'd never sold the WR500 barge! Take care.

Bruno Richter

Added 25/11/10 01:11pm

I am from Austria. I have been in Sittendorf every year, also in 86. Great racing from you. British riders been really big in these days. I found your webside by chance, love it. Regards bruno (Sorry for my englich!)

Andrew Timms

Added 11/11/10 09:57pm

Just found your web site. I raced school boy motorcross in the 80's. What a brill time this was for me and my family. It was certainly a blast from the past looking at all the photos!!!!!!!!!!

matt harper

Added 06/11/10 11:34am

Rob, just found this old photo. Will try and send it to you. Not too exciting I am afraid, I think it was from a Warley Wasps. I remember the day, I think you won experts and I won the seniors just beating Nigel Hackett, do you remember him.

Andy Greenhalgh

Added 14/10/10 08:26pm

Just found your site while I was looking for a pic of me out of the TMX news from the 80's when I was wobbling around in the AMCA. It was great seeing all the old pics.

George Adam

Added 27/09/10 01:10pm

Thanks for the great memories. I was stationed at MCAS El Toro and loved going to Saddleback Park. I saw the 250 Nationals in 1980 or 81. Loved that place.

Tim March

Added 01/09/10 01:18pm

Great to see all of your career up here Rob. Great days.

Daniel Matthews

Added 29/08/10 09:53pm

I was a schoolboy back in the 80's and people like you, Dave Thorpe and Dave Watson were my heroes. It is true what the other messages say, it was a golden era for motocross! I stumbled upon your site looking for a picture of the RC 500 to brighten up my desktop!. A great website.. Ahh all the memories of two stroke bikes come flooding back.

Andy James

Added 22/08/10 04:19pm

What a Fantastic Site. These were truly the golden days of motocross. I remember them as if they were yesterday. Hawkstone and Farleigh - very good times. Well done Rob. Fantastic!!

Lammert Moll

Added 31/07/10 09:56pm

Great site Rob, My English is not so good but I liked to see the pictures of you in Namur. Those were the days. I have been in Namur since 1980 and I regret there is no more a GP. Thanks Lammert Moll from Holland

Dave Tunnicliff

Added 17/07/10 10:39pm

Great to see the 80's Reunion. Brings back great memories of early idols. Any chance you can gather the 90's guys together?

Dean Hayes

Added 17/07/10 10:37pm

Great site Rob, which has brought back loads of good memories. I was a schoolboy rider back when your career was at its peak so I of course had your poster on my wall a long with many others including David Thorpe, Julian Rawson etc. It's nice to see you're still involved in the sport after all these years.

Lyn Woollam (nee Smith)

Added 16/07/10 12:00pm

Great to see the pics of the reunion Rob and so pleased it went so well. A night to be remembered I'm sure. I missed being there but I know you understand the reasons why I couldnt make it. Take care and many thanks for the wonderful memories. Lyn xxx

Lynne Nicholas

Added 14/07/10 02:58pm

Liked the photos of the Reunion. Had a giggle trying to recognise some of those old guys, especially after just adding them to my website when they were in their prime..haha!

Colin Wright

Added 13/07/10 09:29am

Hi Rob & Claire, Thanks for a wonderful evening last Saturday, I had a great time at the reunion & will remember it always. Those that didn't make it missed out, big time! Best regards, Colin

Jeff Sizer

Added 12/07/10 06:12pm

Excellent site , love the bar dragging ..... awesome


Added 01/07/10 09:05pm


Ade Rumbold

Added 16/06/10 12:24pm

Great site Rob...Brought back so many good memories...Thanks

Colin Mundy

Added 30/05/10 04:48pm

Cool site Rob and it was nice to catch up at Farleigh. My son was in awe. Cheers Colin.

Simon Stinton

Added 29/05/10 08:50pm

Hi Rob. I have just been explaining to my wife about you and going to watch grand prix in that "golden era". You shouldn't under estimate what you achieved. There are many wonderful photos which bring back so many wonderful memories. I feel I must comment further on Namur 1987. That first weekend in Belgium was to become a Stinton family venture for over half a decade. I have never seen rain like it before or since in my 40 years. Being stood down on the road, at the end of the straight after the cafe, the rain was washing the riders number plates clean in the first race. I was in awe at the fact that you and your fellow competitors continued to motor round this legendary venue. Thanks for the memories I'll see if I can find some of my old or Dad's old photos Cheers Simon

John Townsend

Added 24/05/10 12:08am

Hi Rob. Great site, well done. Was scanning the net for some old motocross pics/vids etc and stumbled across you. Raced in the schoolboys in 76/77 started on the only Montessa Cappra 125, then a YZ125d. I remember your Maico and wanted one so badly!!. We had a couple of rare bikes in the schoolboys. This really is a trip down memory lane for many names and tracks that bring it all back after over 30years. They were good, good times.......................... Anyway congrats on your website. All the very best John

Steve Barber

Added 17/05/10 10:35am

Great site I really do have to do some work. Jeff Hogg Now there's a blast from the past. Cheers Steve

Jeff Hogg

Added 01/05/10 11:00am

Hi Rob, A fantastic site which has given me a good couple of hours of reminiscence and very fond memories. I left the UK in 1985 and now live with my family between Australia and New Zealand. I am going to make every effort to get to the Farleigh Castle event in September and look up some of the great people I met during my time in (or more often out) of the saddle! Cheers Jeff Hogg

Mike Roberts

Added 12/04/10 10:43am

Yep brilliant site Rob. Apart from undying love, I pretty much had nothing to do with moto-cross from the end of the 80's. Now back and yesterday had first ride on my 'new' 1986 CR500 :-) It's all a bit mad because I know lots has happened since the 80's, but I wasn't part of it, so for me the 80's is motocross, period! And I'm very happy with that. Thanks for site, wicked pic's and priceless insight. A company on ebay sells DVD's of the various 500cc championships through the 80's etc, they seem to be pretty god damn brillint too. Cheers.

Lee Slocombe

Added 05/04/10 12:36pm

Hi Rob, WOW!!! Fantastic site!!! I was born in Worcester and raced AMCA for the Upton MX Club in the 80's and remember the "Golden age of Moto-X". 500cc Two Strokes Rock!! Your site has brought back heaps of memories and names of the past - Dickie Dye, Tim Pope MX, Wobbly Waters, Gavin Hickman. Oh and that Warners Peugeot!!! What about you riding a Kawasaki KX80 at Weston!! I'm living in Australia now and looking at your site has been a pleasure. All the best. Lee.

Jon Andrews (Fowlers)

Added 11/03/10 07:46am

Hi Rob! From one of your past clothing sponsors!, Answer Clothing - Fowlers. Like the Website and have many a good memory of you and Banksy back in the 80's!...all the best & good luck.

Gareth Clements

Added 06/03/10 01:46pm

I've got a group on Facebook, (500 two stroke motocross bring back the stroker), for all of us that love 500 two stroke bikes. Anyone interested please join. I want to get a few practice days set up for us. I'm riding an 86 YZ490 this season and will still be entering some eastern centre rounds as I did last season. What a giggle blasting past a brand new 450!

Gareth Clements

Added 05/03/10 03:16am

Excellent site!. I will be riding at Farleigh again this year and hope to bump into you. It is the highlight of my season. Im sure you will agree the 80s and 90s were the best years and its hard to forget the sound and smell of a 500 two stroke. See you soon.

Jan McGrann

Added 24/01/10 01:58am

Hi Rob, You most definitely won't remember me but I used to work for the World's No. Spark Plug Company...yes you've got it CHAMPION (not the japanese one thats for sure haha). My boyfriend at the time was Jeff Lawton (Racing Co-Ordinator) and he was always on hand with decals and plugs although I seem to think at the back of my mind that you were in fact with the opposition - never mind :-( Browsing through your photographs brought back so many happy memories. I loved Farleigh Castle and Namur but have to admit I thought Hawkstone was by far the the best track. Do you know, by any chance, what happenend to Leif Niklasson ? He used to ride for Husqvarna. I, myself, write and recite poetry now and I'm on Radio Merseyside every Sunday - I think I will make a conscious effort to write a poem about Moto X and throw a few names in for the craic :-) Anyway better go - I do tend to ramble but hey! All the best Rob and once again well done..brilliant fact could you give me the name of the person who set it up for you because I would like to set one up for myself haha - I'm definitely away now..nanite, Jan :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JAN, IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE EMAIL ME VIA THE 'CONTACT' PAGE. I HAVE LEIF'S CONTACT DETAILS FOR YOU. ROB

Mandy Thomas

Added 20/01/10 08:09pm

Hi, can anyone help? I'm looking for an old friend who I used to hang around with many years ago. Her name then was DEBBIE SALVAGE, now Glover. We used to go to Severn Valley SSC and my brother Colin Thomas used to race. Any info please email I would be grateful if anyone could help. Debbie used to race herself but also had two brothers, Daryl and Ian Salvage who used to live arond Hucclecoat area in Gloucester.

Chris Nunn

Added 18/01/10 08:39pm

Hi Rob, Really enjoyed the website and all the memories. Many thanks for the American experience! I still ride regularly, mainly enduros, and have entered Farleigh this year on a 500 Honda. Hope to see you there. Regards, Chris

Mike Vaughan

Added 07/01/10 02:44pm

Great website Rob. Brings back memories of late 70's to early 80's and your whistling Maico at Red Barn Claverly. Then onto "Train with Wade" camps where we had you & Dave Watson showing us how to ride at Hawkstone practice track. Brilliant! Congratulations on the website & of Living the Dream of a GP racer.

Andy Jewkes

Added 26/12/09 02:48pm

Good site. Nice to hear of you again. Many memories from schoolboy racing. Remember the Maico well.

Mark Young Snr

Added 17/12/09 08:34pm

Well what can I say? Brill site! Lets have all 2 strokes back. Came across this site by accident and spent 2 hours scolling through the site. Such happy memories of Farleigh Castle. At 41 I'm looking to get back to it after my last race in 1993-ish and ebay is gonna take a hammering! So thanks for the memories. Cheers.

John McMillan

Added 19/11/09 06:57pm

Came across your website looking for my old friend David Thorpe. I was also a motocross rider of that time and also did the GP circuit of your time and a little before! My role then was tech/setting up/mentor. A former British Schoolboy champion myself, TM125, and I raced in the national championship days of Noyce, Thorpe, Beamish, later Jonathan Wright , ( won two British championships with him)Whatley, Banks and co! Apart from other foreign greats and the invasion of the US talent, my all time great, brilliant ability and such a nice guy is David Thorpe.

Mark Ripley

Added 05/11/09 10:07pm

Cool site Rob. I thought life was about making money and being a Vice President. At 45, I have got back into Motocross and realised what it is really about. Thanks for the help. Andrews, Thorpe, Hanson, Noyce. You cost me a lot of money in hire cars when I was a bin man in '83 and didn't have my own car. Keep it up.

Murray Walker

Added 11/10/09 01:06pm

What a great website which brought back a host of very happy memories of the time I used to commentate on BBC TV and ITV about Rob`s exploits and those of his many great rivals. However, I found the website very depressing too. I`d give my eye teeth to be able to ride a bike as successfully as Rob did so I felt totally inadequate when I discovered that he not only has that talent but makes fabulous looking furniture too. Ah well, can`t win them all I suppose. Good luck Rob, you gave so many people so much pleasure. Murray Walker

Steve Knight

Added 01/10/09 11:56pm

What a mega site Rob! Brings back some great memories. I remember you in the schoolboys on the YZ then the whistling Maico!! Great times. Love the CR500 video. All the best for the future. Cheers Steve

Lee Hopkinson

Added 15/09/09 01:15pm

Hi Rob. This site is great and it's fantastic to look at all the pictures!!! I was lucky enough to have met you and have my picture taken. It was at the North Weald MX track opening day, all the way back in 1986 when I was just 13. Cheers Lee

Gavin Williams

Added 14/09/09 11:12pm

Hi Rob. My name is Gavin Williams, one of the South Africans from Farleigh Castle. I have just toured your website, very impressed, well done. Hope to see you at Farleigh Castle next year. Regards Gavin Williams

Wayne Bayles

Added 13/09/09 09:41pm

Hi Rob. Great to finaly meet you at Farliegh and thanks for taking the time to talk and sign my Camel bib. Hope to see you riding again soon.

Rob Kinsey

Added 10/09/09 12:45pm

Rob, Just spent a couple of hours brousing your site. Well put together and it re-kindled many old memories. See you soon. Rob

Dave King

Added 08/09/09 09:00pm

Thanks for being a legend again at Farleigh Rob. Great to see you with DT and Andre once again. Next year maybe 4 laps?

Pez Anson

Added 07/09/09 11:21pm

Hi Rob Fantastic site, All the best Pez

Brian Marsh

Added 07/09/09 08:00pm

Hi Rob, great to see you at Farliegh at the weekend. Enjoyed your site, brings back the great memories and times that we had in the golden 80s. Give my regards to "Dad" will keep in touch. Brian.

John Leigh

Added 28/08/09 08:41pm

Just stumbled across the site by chance, awesome!! Grew up following and marshalling the 500cc GP's in the 80's and 90's, visiting Farleigh, Hawkstone, Wohlen, Namur, Ettlebruck etc. Got loads of memorabilia and photo's from the era (including a Rob Andrews pin badge as in the memorabilia page!). I will have to dig them out and scan them in. Keep up with the site, keep those memories alive, and hope to see that retro answer gear at the Farleigh Castle Evo MXdN next weekend!

Mike Frost

Added 22/08/09 09:01pm

Hi Rob, Glory Days indeed. Your site brings back great memories. Love the pics of Carla.

Graham Kent

Added 20/08/09 07:22pm

Brought back some memories. Glad to see you are well.

Paul Lyth

Added 30/07/09 09:37pm

Hi Rob, Good site. Love the CR500! My 15yrs is doing the 2 stroke dep challenge, and at the Whitby meeting I was lucky enough to park next to James Noble who was riding a CR500. People were phoning their mates holding the phone to the exhaust! Hope to see you ride it one day. Good luck Paul

Liam O'Malley

Added 19/07/09 10:50pm

Hi Rob. Great website. Just spent and hour and a half reminiscing about the golden days. You were certainly part of those legendary days, and I met you a couple of times too. Ive just bought myself a mini bike and bust my ribs the weekend and i can certainly say I dont bounce aswell as I used too. Site is awesome!!

Paul Walker

Added 17/07/09 10:11am

Rob Great site. Late 70's I was a clubby rider but went to many Euro GP's. This brings back good memories especially of Namur. GP's today are not as good with too many stadium sections and not enough top gear straights! Keep up the good work!

Albert Garibay

Added 14/07/09 04:54am

I love your web site. It is fantastic!

Peter Donaldson

Added 12/07/09 11:41am

Hi Rob. Well done on producing such a great site. Brings back many happy memories of a golden era. You'll have to get Jack Burnicle and Ray Archer to supply some more pics. By the way, DT's jacket in the '80s fashion pic a box of riding kit from the same period under our stairs.

Scott Davies (Skee)

Added 12/07/09 01:00am

Hi Rob Wow! Amazed at all the people I remember from your site. My heroes Thorpe, Carla, Jobe etc. I raced from 1975 from the age of 5 through schoolboy and adult with the Banks' and all the national mob from around the country. We have met lots at different circuts but a lot of mud has gone by us since then. Great site and Hi to all the lads from my old days - Warley Wasps, Sandwell Heathens, Midlands and CJSC.

Scott Simms

Added 18/06/09 11:21am

Some of the pictures are great, and I was there at many of the events and was there in 88 at Namur. The picture of the start you have on main page is great! Is it me or do the GPs lack the buzz of the 80's? It's just not the same - too many 'robots' now. Would like to see some more photos, maybe creeping in to the 90s?

Gavin Hickman

Added 05/06/09 09:43pm

Hi Rob. You have put up a Great site! The Factory Hondas from the early eighties still look great to this day! It's kind of sad that two stoke factory bikes dont exist like this anymore!!! I have just seen the pic of you on the KX125 riding in the MX des Nations. I remember tipping you off about the bike for sale and I had to show you where the guy lived so you could take a look! From what I remember it was real cloak and dagger stuff and I'm sure the guy still doent know to this day that his son's bike was raced in the des Nations? lol.... Anyway, you were a great rider and set a benchmark in your day on how a professional mx rider should be! I shall never forget your training regime running up the bank at Severn Stoke with your MX boots on, or your sprints up the Malverns at British Camp! I'm sure many young hopefulls today could learn somthing from you! Take care. Cheers, Gavin.

Mark Barter

Added 14/05/09 02:19pm

You have not put a picture up of that yummy JT als crash helmet?....................................................................................[Mark, there are a few photos in PHOTOS & MUSINGS/MISCELLANEOUS/LEGEND'S PARADE section. I will put some other photos up soon. Rob]

Gilles Robichaud (Montreal, Canada )

Added 12/05/09 12:35am

Super site. I met you once in Thiberville, France in 1988. It is good to see all those photos from the past. Your site is on my favorite list.

Mark Barter

Added 04/05/09 07:01pm

Love the old school photos from the 80's. Magic. What's the chances of someone getting all those pics from that golden era of the 80's and doing a book? A hard backed one a bit like the "motocross time" books. Come on Rob, all those people you must know who have photos and know how to produce books. Surely you could put something together? Pretty please.... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX That's a great idea and I'm sure it would be well received. It's really a project for someone like Jack Burnicle or Ray Archer and I know that it's been mentioned to them before. Hopefully they'll give it a go sometime soon. Rob

Roger HARVEY (DBR cartoonist)

Added 17/04/09 05:02am

Just lost 1.5 hours of work time cos of this website, dammit. Sucked right in .... even down into the "Miscellaneous". Amazing to see an actual 'Dave Thorpe Schoolboy' photo. (We'd never heard of him in Australia until the GPs)

Rupert X

Added 01/04/09 04:03pm

Big fan of one of the greats of our sport - terrific site, Rob. Cheers - v/r Rupert X - Ohio USA

James Millard

Added 29/03/09 05:36pm

Great site. Nice to see all the old pics. Puts hairs on the back of my neck still.... Nice also to see some of the old names here making the same silly comments......I do remember Train with Wade, Tuesdays at Stroud leisure centre. Wow how times have changed for training & diet. Thats not to say all was in vain tho....Sorry Brian. LOL!

Bryan Wade

Added 28/03/09 08:11am

Seriously Rob, a great website and some really spectacular photos...and then there’s the one’s of you!!! What happened buddy? I turn my back for a moment. Ha!! Thanks’ for the blurb about me, but you give me too much credit. If you remember back to those cold wet winter training camps at Hawkstone Park, hell, it still makes me shiver thinking about them. Anyway, my job was to point out those invisible signposts and explain what they meant. You guys had the hard task of interpreted them with your own individual flare. It was that simple, not easy but simple.......and didn’t YOU do well. What gave me a real buzz was the looks of astonishment from both rider and parent, when you guys eventually got the demo right..... Ha! The smile tells it all....... I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything, a very special time for me, but some of the crashes were a bit stressful. Remember the old saying---, “Be focused and aware of what’s going on around you.” Well it’s been replaced---, “Be laid back and enjoy life.” So come out and see me, you won’t believe your eyes. Mind you...., you might need to upgrade the riding a touch. Kind Regards BW.

Colin Thomas

Added 15/03/09 11:52pm

Hi Rob. What a suprise for both of us to meet at Apex playing around on bikes after all these years. Hope you didn't ache as much as I did afterwards. Thanks for telling me about your site it makes great reading. Having been out of the sport for nearly 16years it brings back some good memories.The guestbook also has some familiar names. Must contact Richard Metcalfe so that he can show my wife how he made his legendry pasta bakes..................[Hi Colin. Please email me via the 'contact' page and I'll put you in touch with Richard. Rob]

Cenneth Engstrand (Sweden)

Added 05/03/09 12:09am

Just want to say that it was nice to finde this nice website!

Timothy Durrant

Added 23/02/09 11:56am

Rob, What a great site, Thank you. It really brings back fond memories. I spent many happy weekends as a kid at varied moto-x meetings in the 70's and early 80's. My uncle was the late Gordon Jones of Cz & KTM fame, he was sponsoring Dave Tomasik when I used to go with him, then Adrian Willmott, what happened to him?. He helped out with a lot of the top riders during that period, like Dave Watson and Russ Jarman. I remember being a marshal at the 1980 "des nations" at Farleigh Castle, going to meetings with Jack Burnicle (who I want to get in touch with to say thankyou about an article he wrote about Gordon, so if you can help there it would be appreciated). Graham Noyce, Andre Malherbe, Hakan Carlqvist, Roger De Coster and the 2 Russians Moissiev and Kavinov - they were the golden days. I too am now trying to master golf (not with the same sucess as you though), and played in a match with Russ Jarman not to long back. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Tim, please email me via the contact page. Regards Rob

Joe Miller

Added 20/02/09 10:15am

Hello Rob, Congratulations and thank you for making the effort to get all this fantastic content on the web - the Golden Days Indeed. Nice wardrobe too. Joe

Mathias Biehl

Added 10/02/09 10:00pm

Rob, congratulations from Germany for a fantastic site. The pictures make me remember the time when I was racing in the mid and late 80´s as an amateur, who gave all the money he earned for the passion of this fantastic sport. I saw you racing several times at GP´s in Germany and Namur. Particularly the pictures of the old and venerable track of the Citadelle at Namur impressed me very much. You bring back to us a great time, that this way will never come back. Don´t stop working on your site!

Davie Kilgour

Added 04/02/09 08:46pm

I found out about your website via Monti and the Scottish twinshock scene. its brilliant. The '80s were when I first got interested in motocross so its all the bikes from then that to me were the best ever made. I especially like all your articles and pictures from the Namur GPs. That surely has to be the best ever motocross track in the world which I`m almost certain will never be used again. I first went there in 1987 and was also at the last one in 2007. I have a picture of you on the tarmac section in the rain at the '87 GP. although its not a professional picture it`s still reasonably o.k. I also have another couple from the British Championships that were run up here in bonnie Scotland Keep up the good work p.s. it was good to see you in the Legends Parade at Mallory. It's a pity there weren't a lot more from that era out on the track. Maybe this year?

Luis Carlos Souza (Jackpepino)

Added 27/01/09 04:43pm

Rob, beautiful site. Some parts remind me in 1986 when I opened the Brazilian magazine, Motoshow, with world 500 GP of Austria's and a surprise that you gave us. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Matt Harper

Added 26/01/09 02:01pm

Hi Rob, it was good to talk to you by email before Christmas. Yes, your site is good and lots of memories. Just looked at the Maico MC125. Do you remember Nicky Mountjoy? He rode a Maico 125 in '77 and '78 and was very fast. I bought the DVD of the 86 500 world champoinships and now watched it 4 times. Different era and more attractive to watch than today. It was great to see you and amazed at how well you were going. I kept saying to my wife " look I know him"! Matt HI MATT. YES, REALLY NICE TO CATCH UP WITH YOU TOO. I DO REMEMBER NICKY MOUNTJOY, AND HE WAS A STAR OF THE COTSWOLD CLUB AS I REMEMBER. CERTAINLY USED TO BEAT ME! GLAD YOU LIKE THE SITE. GIVE ME A CALL SOMETIME. ROB

Karl Cawkwell

Added 10/01/09 08:42pm

Hey Rob. Great site. The guys you feature, plus yourself, were big heroes to me back then. In the early 80s I used to race the inter 80s with J Dobb and P Malin with the Thorne club. Started back racing again a couple of years back. It never leaves the blood. Thanks for bringing back some good times. Karl.

Matt Day

Added 06/01/09 06:58pm

Hope you remember me from the JBR days Rob. Those 87 500's were real mx bikes. Ian Browne told me about your site. Excellent stuff. ============ [Of course I remember you Matt. Thanks for the comments. Best wishes, Rob]

Ady Cowshall

Added 30/12/08 09:13pm

Fantastic site Rob. Many great memories and really great reading your thoughts as a rider in the mix at the time. Thanks. Maybe you can follow it up with your thoughts of mx today (or maybe you already have, I havent read everything yet!)

Ian Browne

Added 30/12/08 08:04pm

Nice to see pics of myself with hair! I've forgotten what that feels like these days! Great site. Brings back good memories. Seems only yesterday, LOL! Keep up the good work. Ian.

Evo Ian

Added 30/12/08 06:45pm

Great site Rob. Brought back some good memories. I remember when me and my mates couldnt afford to race (or drive) so we used to walk to Norwood near Teversal to watch you and the rest ride. Brett Steele etc. Then it got better. Another one of your Guestbook contributors, Mark Fulton, started racing AMCA down that way so we were able to watch him, Julian Dobb, John Reynolds and Rob Meek in the same race. I don't think I ever rode in a race with you though! Keep up the good work.

Old Feller

Added 29/12/08 05:39pm

Real racers on real tracks. Just stopped by for a quick glance and got lost in this for an hour or so. My kids are now thoroughly bored of me shouting "look at this" (Carla, Malherbe, Thorpey, Jobe at Hawkstone, works Hondas...) Thanks.

Mooey Lovelock

Added 26/12/08 09:11pm

Just been to Russ Jarman's to have some work done on the bike and we talked about the old times for a while. Good times, and yes, we all still have the funny names! Mark Lovelock


Added 22/12/08 07:55pm

I'm 41 and I live in Belgium. It's not easy for me to write in English but I'm so happy to see here all years of motocross. I was young but I remember you and a lot of other pilots. It was very great times!!! Your site is very special. Thanks Rob! Alain

Chris Montignani (Monty)

Added 21/12/08 09:40am

Hi Rob thanks for your return e-mail and your comment on our No1 Scottish Twinshock racer wee Paul Chiappa (who's still racing at the top level in Scottish Twinshocks by the way),I did mention to him your comment and he was well impressed that you even remembered him, we are already passing the word in Scotland about your new Website and I'm sure the guy's who race in the Evolution class at our club will be very interested in how their bikes were ridden in GP's in the 1980's. Keep up the good work with the site awsome!


Added 18/12/08 11:36am

Great pleasure to see you again. I'm French, you're English, i'm remember you, you're heroes in our sport. Your official website with the animation it's delicious back in history MX sport. Good job Rob ! Thank a lot.

Peter Greenwood

Added 17/12/08 09:45pm

Thanks very much on putting a cracking site on the web.... Enjoyed my Sunday night looking over all the old photos. Cheers again.

Kevin Cole

Added 13/12/08 10:14pm

Hi Rob Thanks for putting together such a great site that celebrates the best years of British Motocross. I worked for Ford & Ellis Motorcycles throughout the years that we worked with Greg Hanson. I rode myself but was just an average Centre Expert however I remember riders such as yourself, Greg, Mark Banks, Jared Smith and of course Thorpey with great fondness. Thank you for helping make those days (mid 80's) so memorable for a true Motocross fan.

Symon Horsfield

Added 11/12/08 04:18pm

Rob, Grant told me about the site and have to admit it is very impressive, it certainly brings many memories flooding back. Kind regards Symon H

Eve Asbury

Added 10/12/08 12:48pm

OMG! - Rob - what a blast from the past! I am not sure if you will remember me. I went out with Richard Goddard for many years, and my induction to MX began. LOL! How bizarre that this page came up in a seemingly unrelated search. It is good to know you're doing well. All the best, Eve. (Rob: Hi Eve. Nice to hear from you. Please email me through the 'contact' page'. Regards, Rob.)


Added 09/12/08 05:19pm

HI ROB I WON THE MIDLAND 125CC CHAMPIONSHIP THAT YEAR I DIDNT REALISE YOU WERE THAT GOOD!!! ROGER HARVEY WAS SECOND, AND I THOUGHT GARY EVANS WAS THIRD? DO YOU REMEMBER THE FRENCH TRIP 1983 STILL HAVE A SPECIAL PHOTO OF YOU. BE GOOD GRANT (Rob. Hi Grant. Nice to hear from you. I think that you may have the wrong year for the 125cc Midland Championship. I checked with Roger and he concurs with me that it was most likely 1981 that you won. The year I raced it was 1980 and Howard won from Tim March. I think it was the first year that this championship was run. Roger was racing Maicos in 1980 so wouldn't have been racing a 125 championship. Please contact me through the 'contact' page. I'd love to catch up with you. Cheers, Rob.)

Jeff Holtby

Added 18/11/08 04:28am

Hi Rob, great site my friend! It is still, and always will be my favorite era of motocross - thanks for letting us reminisce vicariously! Always look forward to catching up with you every Jan. at A1. Cheers! "Pliskin"

David Potts

Added 15/11/08 12:47am

Hey Rob! It is great that you visit Mototalk and participate with us common folk :-). I saw that you had a link to your web site and it's great that you put this together!

Steve Maber

Added 12/11/08 08:26pm

Hi Rob, Just viewed your site. There's some great memories within the pages. Still remember the mud at Foxhills, your last british championship - 1990 I believe. We managed to finish the day but sorry I couldnt help clean up. The Mrs was havin Gavin at Cheltenham General Hospital and I had to get back just in time See you soon mate! Steve


Added 11/11/08 02:27am

Hi Rob, I did a personal training day with you at Doncaster supercross track back in 1989 on my little 80cc Kawasaki. Had a great day and I recall you being impressed that I started in 3rd gear... so much that you had to give me a race off the line on your 500. I forget the name of other guy who was there with you that day, Barry something - rode a Yamaha. Thanks for the memories! Lee

Nigel Sycamore

Added 04/11/08 11:54am

Hi Rob, what a fantastic site! Really enjoyed it. Remember watching you from way back when you first reached the Top 35! Thank you and all the best to you and your family.

Russ Jarman

Added 29/10/08 02:01pm

Shaymos Andriods aka Rob Andrews. Good to see you're not living in the past m8! Not still wearing those red shoes and orange trousers together I hope. A very honest site about the great times! Regards RJ.

Brian Wheeler

Added 28/10/08 09:28pm

Great site! The 85 and86 HRC 500 Hondas were a dream. Brian

Kirsty, Clive, Tara & Zoe.

Added 21/10/08 08:08pm

Hi Rob, first watched you at the 1986 British 500cc motocross championship at Hawkstone Park. Remember you driving around Tewkesbury in the 'Warners' sponsored Peugeot. We have great memories of motocross in the 80's. Visit us:

Julian Clark

Added 02/10/08 09:30am

Great site Rob, Brought back alot of memories of our era. Greg Hanson told me about yesterday. Keep up the good work mate. Julian Clark

Mike Garth

Added 30/09/08 08:58pm

Awesome site Rob, great job! Really captures the spirit of that era. All we need now is a sound file of a 500 2-stroke!

Scott Elesmore

Added 25/09/08 02:01pm

Awesome!!! When 500s scared young kids! Some great memories!!! Remember seeing you on the Maico at Worcester. I think Keith Ree was there too! Scott

Richard Metcalfe

Added 12/09/08 03:44pm

Brought back some fond memories from when we all had proper jobs. Nice one Rob.

Dave Harpur (your mechanic from 1989)

Added 10/09/08 01:46pm

Rob, haven't met you in a long time. Great site! Good to see people still appreciate the 80's era of the sport so much. Imagine if you had all those riders on the bikes and smooth tracks they have now, how fast would they be going?? Keep updating the website. Must catch up sometime . Dave (Hi Dave. Nice to hear from you. Please email me via the contact page. Would love to catch up with you. Rob)


Added 07/09/08 07:59pm

Wicked site buddy. I still love the laser helmet!! Rick

Travis Pilant USA

Added 07/09/08 04:30am

Thanks for a great site! I grew up in the 80's and looked up to all the GP riders...I always liked the style of the riders and all the different kinds of tracks. Thanks again.

Dan Stevenson

Added 06/09/08 08:06pm

Love the website Rob. Dan


Added 06/09/08 08:45am

In a sport that's all about what's going to happen, it's easy to forget where we have been and what moulded our present. Please keep uploading the great photos and articles. Excellent work Rob Cheers Greg

Mikeee P - USA

Added 30/08/08 01:18am

Absolutely fantastic. We never got the greatest photos or stories over here about the GP's but many-many of us loved grasping onto anything we could get our hands on - the stories of Carla stopping to drink beer, random photos found in magazines - this site Rob is awesome. I'm sure it will only get better as you're able to find more and more photos and stories to add to the collection! Congrats and thanks. Mike Patrick aka Mikeee P

Phil Eadon

Added 29/08/08 02:29pm

Great site Rob, truly the best days to be involved in Motocross were the Glory Years of the 80s. Remember handing out the trophies in 1984 at the Cotswold Schoolboy clubs end of season do!!!!

Liss Andrews

Added 27/08/08 04:42pm

Hi Dad, just realised I'm your only daughter not to have left you a comment! Awesome website. It's very impressive. Very proud of you. =) Liss x

Alessandro Castellani

Added 27/08/08 03:32pm

What a great great site! Congratulations!!! You raced into the real motocross tracks!

Jim Thompson

Added 22/08/08 03:01pm

Cracking site Rob. Brings back a load of great memories! Just spoken to Tony Caig. He says Hi.

Stuart Flockhart

Added 22/08/08 01:04pm

Hey Rob, Great site, I've had fun browsing around. It was the mid 80's when I got into motocross and you guys were my heroes ! It's great to see an inside view of the Golden Era. I'm sure many will enjoy these memories through your efforts with the site. Plenty respect, from Stu Flock

Alan B

Added 20/08/08 10:05pm

Rob, very cool site. Great way to show your past! Nice family too. Best of luck to you. Tell some of your side kicks of the day to do the same. Cheers from America!

Luis Javier Castrillo (Spain)

Added 13/08/08 12:59pm

True Motocross with real bikes. Your website bring me back plenty of nice memories. What can I say 80's motocross rules. good work and thanks, all this stuff made me happy. Regards

Wayne Davis

Added 12/08/08 09:38pm

What can I say? Great website! You were part of this golden era of the 500GPs and you are envied by many people, including myself. It must have been a great part of your life which I thank you for sharing with us. This site rocks! Wayne.

Jonas 'Swede' Hägg

Added 12/08/08 11:08am

Long time going, mate! Just discovered your site (from a thread on Mototalk) and it looks great, very tasteful layout. And whom better than you to do this! I mean, ex-GP racer, bike tester and good with words too (send me a check and I'll keep all those kind words coming). Hmm, maybe I should get my lazy a$$ over to this years MXdN, so we can benchrace over a cold one.

Paul Rowley

Added 08/08/08 09:32pm

Great site, brings back good memories of the 80's Proper motocross on proper bikes.

Andrew Owen

Added 07/08/08 12:26am

Just spent all evening on the site! Great stories and the fantastic photos bring back all the memories of spending every summer school holidays abroad watching the GP's - with Namur always the highlight, arriving there days before any other spectator and setting up camp on the side of the road opposite the park...! Cracking web site! Well done.... ( I was also at Brou with my father when you did 'that jump', and every French GP since he recalls your pre Pastrana heroics/bravery/skill!)

K Daniels

Added 06/08/08 09:05pm

Hi Rob. What a brilliant site. It's just what us gents of a certain age need. As a young man who grew up in what to my mind was truly a golden age of British and world motocross it ticks all the right boxes. I don't know if it's the old rose tinted glasses syndrome but I just can't get exited by modern mx. Probably something to do with comparing a modern four stroke with a CR500 at full bore. Answer, no contest. You must have put a lot of time and effort to get this site up and running. I for one am very grateful. Top job.

Dave Stanford

Added 06/08/08 03:07pm

Wow! Incredible is all I can think to say. My favorite era is the early to mid 80's and to see the photos was great! You have really captured the era and have created what I feel is the best MX site for history out there. My only question is: how can you improve on this?? As an American, I always missed the works bikes. It was really fun to see the pics and read the articles. I always considered the open class GP riders the 'real men' of mx. Great site and it brought back some great memories. Thank you.

Brendan Owen

Added 06/08/08 11:02am

Just discovered your site via RacerX. I was a spectator at Brou the day that you did THAT JUMP. For that era it was absolutely awesome. I still have a vivid memory of it. We were sitting on the opposite bank and had the rear view of you taking off. I can see it clearly now!! Don't remember who won the G.P. but the jump will live in the memory forever. Keep up the good work with the site.

Rob Andrews

Added 06/08/08 08:55am

It's only been a week since I launched my site and I'm staggered by the response. Threads have popped up on forums all round the world and there have been so many kind and positive comments that it really has been a great surprise. To all those that have viewed my site, thanks for your support and I'm really glad you like it. To those who have posted on this guestbook, thanks for taking the time to do so. It is very much appreciated. Regards Rob

George Olmstead

Added 06/08/08 04:22am

Rob, I've already spent an hour and I haven't gone through it all. Truly the Golden Age and so meaningful to me as I will never forget my first magazine in August 1983 and basically bought 3 or 4 a month since. This content is right in my sweet spot of fond memories. Congratulations on the website and again, thanks for producing it for us fans. All the best, George. mxkid224.

Rick Sparling

Added 06/08/08 03:39am

Great site Rob, I really enjoy all the profiles and pic's. Don't know if you remember me, I was Jared Smith's mechanic from the US, as I came over with Billy Liles after his mechanic was killed In Italy and did all the Italian nationals with him. During the GP's I met Jared in Austria and started wrenching for him in Finland and just had the time of my life! If you know of any way to get a hold of Jared please let me know. I've been trying to find him for about 20 years. Cheers, Rick Sparling 760-912-1974

Nick Weaver

Added 04/08/08 12:40am

Hey Rob, nice work with the site. It's very impressive- even to guys like me who are pretty naive about the golden age of motocross. Great pictures as well. Take Care.

Debbie Glover (née Salvage)

Added 03/08/08 02:09am

Rob, great to read your website and to find out what you've been up to for all these years. I remember you from the Severn Valley 2 day meetings in particular (I rode as well as my two brothers, Daryl and Ian). It brings back lots of happy memories. Regards to you and your family! Debbie Glover (nee Salvage)

Steve Wood

Added 03/08/08 12:44am

Well done Rob.Fantastic stories and pictures,all from a truly great era. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Alun Joyce

Added 02/08/08 03:03pm

Can I have the YZM500 please? Cool!!


Added 02/08/08 04:49am

Top Site Rob. I love all that 80's era stuff as I too am from that era being a 1963 model. i have a few pics of a SR500 1982/83 model taken over here in Oz if you want to post them up. The bike is one of 2 that made it over here for that season for factory riders in OZ to contest local events. (Rob) Regarding the photos, please drop me an email via the 'contact' page. Many thanks, Rob.

Mark Fulton & family

Added 01/08/08 03:15pm

The website looks excellent Rob, Keep the good work up! Brought back al ot of old memories, I've got a picture of old team Kawasaki 1988 launch you could have put on and a few others! hope everyone is doing ok! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Rob) Drop me an email with the pictures Mark. See contact page. Rob

Andy Wickham

Added 31/07/08 11:06pm

Great Stuff Rob. Congratulations on a great site.Great memories from a great era. Keep giving us the tales of life as a GP rider! Nice to see you using some of my photos!

Andy Maxwell

Added 31/07/08 09:32pm

Fantastic site Rob Hope you keep adding to it. The pics are great. Remember watching you racing up in Scotland at Pathcondie, and stopping and asking me in practice how far Thorpe an co were jumping off one of the jumps (I was marshalling). They were jumping quite far, and the next lap you came round and matched them! Good stuff!

Dave Tunnicliff

Added 31/07/08 12:15am

Great Site Rob thanks for sharing your stuff with us mere moto-x mortals. Would be great to see you turn out sometime at one of the twinshock events though? (on a Maico of course).

Jonathan Wood

Added 30/07/08 09:38pm

Great site Rob .I made the fatal error of having a break from motocross 85-89 this shows me what i missed ( the golden years) oops !.

Phil G

Added 30/07/08 09:37pm

Cool site, keep building it. Still got one of your stickers in a box somewhere. Happy days.

Stephen (Skippy) Tac

Added 30/07/08 08:12pm

Great memories Rob, I lost nearly all of my old photos in Hurricane Ivan as I am now in Florida. Those old British Championship days with Dickie Dye, Russ J, Huntie, Julian Rawson, Greg etc. were awesome times, I too am now in my mid 40's and it was great to re-live some of those times through your website. Remember those mid week practice days out in Camberly at the old tank training grounds? Stephen

Nolan Manley

Added 30/07/08 05:05pm

As an American Yank who raced in the 70's and early 80's I have enjoyed viewing your web site and some good motocross history. My first MX bike was also a TM125. I also have three daughters, a son and 3 grand children (much fun they are). Thank you and best wishes to you and your family.

Dion Speak

Added 30/07/08 03:55pm

Hi Rob. Great website, I unfortunately (despite constant badgering to my father) never got the chance to take up MX on anymore than a odd ride on a friends machine. I will add this to my favourites and keep an eye for updates. Regards, Dion.

Simon Swan, MotoX

Added 30/07/08 02:31pm

That oak dresser you built is ace, can you do me a chest of drawers?! On a serious note, though, it's nice to see the website up and running so people can drool over the pics and wish they could turn back the clock. Nice one. Simon Swan, MotoX magazine.

John de Piano

Added 30/07/08 01:53pm

Very cool website Rob! Must have taken you ages to collect all the info and pictures for it but definitely worth it. So many good ones to choose from but I really like the picture in Help from my Dad. All the best, JdeP

Paul Woodyatt

Added 30/07/08 01:52pm

Hi Rob, fantastic idea for a website! It brings back good memories, especially of the schoolboy days. Gerry is right about the music though. Bet not so many people know about your other special talents? Must keep in touch. All the best to you and the family.

Gary Freeman

Added 30/07/08 01:30pm

Booby Android, Congratulations on a job well done. The website looks great. It was way back in 1991 when we met at Chippenham - the Peak Honda test for DBR magazine. Remember? Congratulations again and thanks for being such a good friend over all these year. Gazza

Gerry Ronan

Added 30/07/08 01:15pm

Hi Rob, great looking site - you should add some music!

Motocross Museum Germany

Added 30/07/08 01:02pm

Hi Rob, Congratulations on your fantastic new site and your contribution to the museum. Toon

Cheshire County cros

Added 30/07/08 10:27am

Fantastic insight to the glory days of motocross. I can't help but dribble over the works bikes. Didn't you ride a kx80 in the Weston beach race once? Lee ================= Yes, I did race a KX80 one year. If I remember correctly I was 32nd overall, first 80, first in the 125s and 6th in the 250s! Great fun too! Rob

RC Scoring Pro

Added 30/07/08 05:18am

Very professional looking, well done!

Scott Lukaitis

Added 30/07/08 01:59am

Great Site. As an American I couldn't often find GP coverage here in the states. I look forward to looking around and reading the entire site. Scott

Motogeek (Rob)

Added 30/07/08 12:38am

Right on! Site looks very nice and you offer alot of content. Thanks for doing this!

Alex Baird

Added 29/07/08 09:59pm

Excellent site Rob. Takes us all back to those better days when a camel bib and a 2 stroke meant more than concrete pits, corporate entertainment, and team gazebos.

Greg Hanson

Added 29/07/08 09:27pm

First class Rob,and a lot of history and memories, Good to see you at Mallory. Greg

Ranel Cox Jr.

Added 29/07/08 09:25pm

Great site! Its cool for a younger guy like me to be able to read about the "golden years"! Look forward to reading more!

Jeffrey Beerdsen

Added 29/07/08 09:04pm

Congrats Rob, the site looks great. So much good stories on it. Being a kid who grew up with the stars of the 80's, this bring back so much memories. Cheers, Jeffrey Beerdesen (Jeffro98),

Steve Clarke

Added 29/07/08 08:41pm

Rob your era was a tough one,you were competing against legends and so you should be proud. This site is a great contribution to motocross, old and new.

Still MX

Added 29/07/08 08:22pm

So good to be able to see all this history in one site. Top job Rob!

Steve Bagladi

Added 29/07/08 07:07pm

Great site Rob. Brings back so many memories to us "older" motocross fanatics, and some interesting behind the scenes insight.

Dave King

Added 29/07/08 06:22pm

Fantastic site Rob , All the greats of the 80s are here and getting the recognition you all deserve.

Wayne Bayles

Added 29/07/08 05:41pm

Top website Rob. When you said that you retired because you thought you weren't good enough to win a championship I dont think you give yourself justice. You'll always be a champ in most of your fans eyes including mine . The pic of you on the little 125 waving at the British fans has to be my favourite. A true gent on the track and off . Thanks for the hard work that went into this web site . Keep up the good work. Wayne

Ian Brown

Added 29/07/08 05:03pm

Nice site Rob...The Golden Days of 500 GP's re lived. Classic!

The Rocket

Added 29/07/08 04:37pm

Fantastic site Rob. Very informative and exciting. They sure were the glory days.

Koen Van den Driessc

Added 29/07/08 04:00pm

Nice website you made Rob. This brings so many memories back when we went to the Citadelle at Namur in the 80's. rgrds.

Richard Goddard

Added 29/07/08 03:33pm

Good one Rob! Fantastic to re-live the glory years of MX.Your opening salvo says it all (8 World Champions). I am proud to have been a small part in your MX birth and to have lived some of it with you in sprit across the miles. Who would ever forget the first French International we went to? Or the endless chat about factory bikes and of course their exhaust note. Great to catch up in London and although I dont miss many things about England I do miss your company and being around during 'the family years'. Brilliant site and look forward to 'popping in'. Richard, Cape Town, South Africa

Simon Cragg

Added 28/07/08 09:56pm

Wow! Nice site Rob. There's way too much 'rad' content on here for me to have even scratched the surface. The anecdotes are great, and there's a real behind-the-scenes feel to it all that puts the 80's GP scene into context and breathes life into the photos. Simon P.S. LILY ROCKS!

Jim Allard

Added 28/07/08 05:36pm

Many thanks for putting this superb site together, really enjoyed it. Must have taken the odd hour or two !! Looking forward to updates etc. Cheers.

Matt Allard

Added 28/07/08 04:14pm

Rob, I’ve had so much fun looking around, and I’m sure my dad will too when I pass it on to him. I am lucky enough to have way more access now than I did in the days when I watched guys like you hammering around Farleigh Castle or Namur, so this is a perfect inside line to the stories and sights I missed out on. Thanks for bringing so many memories back to life. Matt

Alex Kwiatkowski

Added 28/07/08 12:58pm

Congratulations Rob, the website looks fantastic and your efforts have been well worth it. It's great to be able to look back over an era when the sound of two-stroke engines reverberated around some truly challenging tracks, 'whips' were called 'clickers', 'energy drink' meant 'water' (or 'beer' if your name was Carlqvist and you were leading the second race at Namur in 1988) and privateers could mix it up with the factory riders. I'm wiping tears of nostalgia from my eyes. Alex

Lily Andrews

Added 10/07/08 08:00pm

this website is fab and I want the hole world to know I ROCK! My dad is graet with his website but not as graet as me. I RULES! Thankyou for reading (Lily is 7 - Rob)

Sophie Andrews

Added 10/07/08 07:26pm

Hi Dad - Epic website; I'm very proud of you and your sparkly new site.You've done a great job of it. Love the choice of pictures, and site content - All the best luck with it in the future, Soph x

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